Sunday, 30 November 2014

Like a 1970's disco heartthrob

I went down to the pier to take some film photos with my friend Efa the other day and I unintentionally dressed like a 1970's hippie heart throb, complete with the messy long hair and paisley shirt. More webcam photos as my room is too messy to set up a tripod and camera, also I'm beginning to like the low quality photos, they remind me of everyone's facebook profile picture circa 2008.

The inspiration

to look this effortlessly gorgeous . . . sigh

Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew TV Series Vintage 1970s Kids Book Softcover     Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy from the TV show The Hardy Boys.  I could never figure out which one I thought was cuter!

Vintage Venice skate // Indie Clothing Brands & UK Streetwear ||      By the way...: Rocker, Mods, Punk, Rude boy, Skinheads, Teddy boy...


70's Travolta is an hair icon

Akward angle photos are akward

I spent ages trying to figure out how to show off my birthday socks.

Me creepin' through the screen and into your nightmares.


Saturday, 29 November 2014

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film. - Stephen Wright

I finally found a store that would develop colour film with a quicker turn around than the week long wait with Boots, and when they finally came back they were kinda crappy prints. I got the cheapest option, which was a 24hr turnover but they can get them done in half an hour! Which is cool as my friend told me about the photography marathon and I was thinking how you could shoot a roll, run to the store to get them developed and carry on shooting all day.

But here are some of the photos I took on my art foundation's trip to London, which was fb and I'll have some better photos up soon, but I thought would be appropriate as christmas is starting and they all have a christmassy feel to them.

A couple walked past just as I took the shot and it was the last one on the reel but I must have thought I had another and did an accidental double exposure but here was the Thames on a very windy day.

Covent Garden looking very christmassy, we spent most of the time looking round the little market places and crying in the Fred Perry store because everything was so expensive.

When we accidentally visited Marble Arch while trying to find Oxford Street, it was a little weird but we ended up getting a bus there, although we had a great time looking over London from the bus.

A slightly over exposed image of the Science Museum

The Japanese exhibit in the V&A, I sort of forgot that when I'm not on digital, colour correction goes out the window. Also I just realized you can see the outline of my weird legs/stance in the reflection of the glass

Sculptures in the V&A

As I post this I'll be out with my friend taking more photos down the pier so I should have even more photos to put up.


Thursday, 27 November 2014

My week with Fine Art

I'd thought I'd show you all the stuff I've been trying to do for my fine art week, the brief/title was 'Broken' and we were asked to bring in 5 objects that meant something to us but wasn't precious. I brought in a couple of things, including my minolta film camera, that I got all excited about in this post and then found out it was completely bust and wouldn't ever work but kept around for photography prop/room decoration purposes. I did have plans to chuck a bit of paint onto it and stick it in a picture frame but forgot about the idea. 

Here it is in it's pre broken state.
Most of the people in my class just tried to smash their camera's apart but I decided to spend a whole day taking it apart piece by piece, screw by screw. It was both painfully boring and almost relaxing. I 

Here's the camera with every piece on display.

My ode to Tom Lellan and what made everyone come and have a look at my work while I was wrestling with a tripod. Fun!

I also started playing round with the camera cases, putting in bits of paper in the spaces usually used as the viewfinders and doing little things to them on my desk. This was after a very boring few minuets of trying to trace round the bis of the camera like the photo above, I think the tutors got the idea that I like long arduous art works that are very controlled and I really don't, I prefer the first photo of the camera parts as it's a really satisfying mess. I can't really blame them as they only had five minutes to see me and my work. 


Monday, 24 November 2014

It's my birthday and I'll drink heavily and dance by myself to 70's disco if I want to

 Well we made it this far. 
Well I did. I didn't have this blog when I first turned 18 but who cares because I'm now an 19 year old person. It's kind of weird because being 19 is literally no different than being 18, I just now can feel the ever growing dread of turning 20 and having to be a real actual adult. 

So it's my birthday, other than a frozen run to catch the train to uni and frosty countryside roads to look over my birthday morning was sort of uninteresting, but then my uni friends surprised me with cards and little gifts for me, Ffion even bought me breakfast as I had no money at that point. 

In uni it's the first week of our specialist choices and I'm in fine art for the week, we're doing a project called 'broken' and it involves making the studio space our own and breaking down five personal objects that I will talk about when its finished. It's nice but a bit weird being in the specialist choice, I'm not with anyone I really know, F club 7 are apart! (yes you heard it F club 7) so I feel a little on my own, of course everyone has been really nice so far. It's almost nice and defiantly productive, I'm getting a lot more work done than when I stopped every few minutes for a chat, and its good for your emotional health to make new friends I feel.

Good bit of wisdom for you. Please feel free to subscribe to the Rosie School of Emotional Well Being, collect your free bottle of cider at the door. 

After uni I headed to Cardiff to get my photo's developed, I finally found a place that will develop colour film whoop. (High fives self for something not that impressive) Yeah! Then after a bit of Christmas shopping which involved humming along to music in the queue at topshop and shielding my eyes in the way too bright lego shop, I got together with my family and we had a Chinese together which was nice and tasty. I'll post photo's of gifts at a later date hopefully as I only have instagram sized ones and not all of my presents have arrived yet, also I went to London for three days last week with uni and have lots of pictures to show ans I want to start showing some of my uni journal pages but its finding the time to scan them. 

Sorry for the disjointed (what a 19 yr old thing of me to say) post, in return here's a picture of me going through an existential crisis about turning 19


Saturday, 15 November 2014

It brings me no joy and not enough comfort to dwell too much on things I've said or written or made or worn in the past.

Title credit to Tavi Gevinson

So super crappy webcam outfit time! I might go back and edit some of these as I took them all in the space of two minutes while waiting for my food to heat up and they're not the best but I was having a good outfit day. It was the last day of my photography course which has been awesome but has made me worried about the assessment for it in december, I tried doing another shoot yesterday but it really didn't work out so I'm kinda freaking. It was sad to go, I'll have so little to do on saturday's now and it was good to get my mind away from obsessively working in my uni sketchbook and focusing my artistic brain on something else. 

Weirdly enough I've been thinking about closure and moving on and I think I'm finally changing from the Rosie in school, both creatively and outfit wise which aren't the most important things in the world but they're important to me. This outfit is kind of a fare well to that Rosie, I'm wearing my favorite grey jumper that I wear for literally every season that I bought so long ago I cant even remember where from and my uber eighties mom jeans from the charity shop that needs a bit more wear before I can properly sit down in it, i.e way too tight, and an ancient knock off pair of brogues that really should have fallen apart by now but look almost new which is super weird. It's not the most interesting outfit in my wardrobe but I had fun wearing it and talking photos of it, which is what fashion should be about right?

I spent ages trying to show my shoes without falling over before realising it would be easier to just adjust my laptop.

I also realised that my jeans matched my bowl of rice and mush. 

I love rice and mush.


Thursday, 13 November 2014

The camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity

Quote by Henri Cartier - Bresson 

I took a series of photographs of the sky yesterday and they came out so weirdly I kinda had to keep taking photos. I think its the sunsets, everything is so dark out the sunsets look incredibly bright.

It kinda shows what you can do with exposure and shutter speed and all that jazz and also how sometimes you just have to roll with the bad stuff and it may not turn out right but it might be kinda cool in a wrong way


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I'm not living right so I decided, I don't wanna be your girl no more

So the past week and a bit has been pretty crazy. I had my assessment hand in for uni on monday and had to get a 1000 word essay handed in this morning so its been all go for me. I would have posted along the way but if I wasn't working I was freaking out about working or sleeping and it all got way to much for me.

It's still a pretty big day for me tomorrow, we have to make the decision on what courses we take in the two weeks after we get back from London and its really kinda scary, I've chosen fashion and fine art, which is super weird as i really didn't think i'd ever take fine art.

Any way, I'm just stressing and watching period films tonight, pride and predjudice has just finished so I'm going to watch submarine next.

A painting I did during fine art where I punched the paper with paint covered knuckles. Yes it killed. And a photo from the wedding dress exhibition I saw in London that had the sassiest mannequin/
Last wednesday we had to travel from the museum to chapter arts center to watch a film and see the Artes Mundi exhibition and we got slightly lost in bute park but it was pretty and we saw a load of squirrels so it was cool.

A blurry late night selfie where I did an accidental flower crown.

A design I did on the train today with my new water pen, its litteraly just a pen with water in it and I thought it was gonna be a little useless but its so good. you can just blob on a bit of water and it looks amazing.

While watching Pride + Prejudice, Darcy was one of my favorites just because of the fact he was framed so well in the film.

This was actually from the summer as its too cold for my cats to go outside but i found the [picture again and thought it looked really cute


Sunday, 2 November 2014

Oh man she always ready to take that love and finally shoot

Title from my favourite Palma Violets song

I was wearing my Winnie the Pooh Dungarees the other day and got thinking about my other yellow ones and started a little blue and yellow post

Dungarees - Vintage Fair ~ Jumper - Charity Shop ~ Earrings - Birthday Present ~ Tights - Primark

Photo of the trees in my garden

I tried searching for a source but I'm pretty sure it was from tumblr
Meadham Kirchhoff by Rookiemag

Zine Tutorial by Rookiemag

 These were from the Polaroid 20x24 the biggest Polaroid camera still working that takes hella big photos.

Aged OOTD: Dungarees ~ Rokit Vintage - White Tee ~ Craft Shop

Credit to So It Goes and


P.S, I also bought my new laptop today, after my old one crashed three times in a row and had about thirty minutes charge constantly I decided I needed a new one, this one's a lot smaller and lighter so I can do stuff like take it to uni and out and about which is cool!