Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Danced With Sweet Senoritas, And We All Went Home As Winners Of A Kind

Hello my glorious sunbeams

My mini break from posting was mostly spent on my family holiday in Sweden, wandering round Stockholm and sitting in the back of the the camper van my parents hired as we drove through the countryside.

Sweden is pretty incredible, it's so many things in one, there's art and culture and a completely different lifestyle. The first few days were spent in Stockholm, visiting museums, catching boats and hiding from the rain in coffee shops and pizza joints. The modern art museum there was definitely my favorite part, so much so that I visited it twice, which I plan to write more about in a later post.
One of the reasons I loved it so much was that the atmosphere created by the city, there was a comforting quietness about it, I never felt like I was pushing past people or fighting for space. There's an air of simplicity and cleanliness about the city, but without ever feeling cold or unforgiving. The tall interlocking housing blocks and totally aesthetic train stations, I felt like an extra in an 80's counter culture film about two strangers falling in love in the suburban sprawl.

While slightly more cramped, the five of us in, admittedly a very large camper-van, but what was still a camper-van, the countryside was still amazing. Living in Wales I see the same rainy muddy forests and bleak mountain landscapes all the time but Sweden was like seeing something both familiar and unknown. The endless wide open roads and dense pine wood forests, little red houses with the white accent panels. It reminded me of Twin Peaks, the odd, slightly unsettling silence that filled the campsites and lake-sides we stopped in. It was beautiful but as my mum pointed out, it didn't take a lot of imagination as to why there are so many murder/crime shows set in Sweden.

This post is less word-sy because I'm still struggling with how to articulate all of my feelings and also because I took a ridiculous amount of photos, Like seriously I had a clean memory card in my camera at the start of the holiday and I had to delete photos as I went along just because I ran out of memory space. I also have a couple of rolls of film to get processed as well as a post on the museums I visited and what I bought.


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Submerged Playlist

A playlist to drown away your troubles to when it all feels a bit too much


(actually called haunt me but i didn't find that out until after i made the list)


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Being surrounded by water must be some kind of therapy

I finally finished everything!

All the work for my final project and the things for my exhibition are finally over! No more worry, no more stress, no more desperately trying to write out comprehensible annotations at two in the morning. I finally handed everything in with all my paperwork and with eight checks through my sketch books to make sure I hadn't left anything out, it's all over and I feel so relieved.

And I admit, I did hand it yesterday and I've just been lying in bed since then, occasionally going out to buy chocolate and iced tea fusion drinks, but mostly just alternating between watching Steven Universe and watching Arrested Development, two shows I've become obsessed with ever since I got through the majority of the first season of Sailor Moon. It's difficult, the amount of work I put in, the endless evaluations and notes, constantly feeling like I had missed that time sheet, the sleepless nights (or the ones in which I do sleep and dream about missing work and wake up with my hand drawing against my duvet. I don't really feel just tired, even though I am painfully tired, I just feel drained, like every last drop has gone and I need something to fill myself back up with, not just with sleep to recharge. 

Something that's been really comforting is water. I've spent a lot of time floating in the upstairs bath tub which weirdly we never use, enjoying the sanctuary and relaxing lighting and bath bombs. While I'm not a 'bath person' , nor am I a 'shower person' because 'hey its just washing I'd be fine with whatever water splashes me', I've found a lot of comfort in the feeling of being submerged by water. While I don't want to drown I wish there was a way being able to just throw your head under the water and swim around in your bath tub for a while. I think in a very real sense I would like to be a mermaid small enough to paddle round swimming pools and little ponds and rock pools, just existing for a while.