Saturday, 16 April 2016

How I miss your ranting

 I don't have much to say today other than comment on the lack of sleep and stress caused by the end of first year deadlines that are soon approaching so here are my most recent scans of what I'm doing at the moment. 

I also have a little playlist of some tunes I've been listening to when I inevitably cant sleep

1. Dancing with myself - cover by The Donnas
2. Lousy Connection - Ezra Furman
3. Everything You've Come to Expect - The Last Shadow Puppets
4. It Ain't About You - Jay Boogie
5. Combat Baby - Metric

Sunday, 3 April 2016

On the Floor of Tokyo

Spring inspiration

Photo by Richard Billingham 

Photography by Agustin Hernandez

Screencap from Electrick Children

Madonna in Desperatly Seeking Susan 

Chloe Sevigny and Macauly Culkin in Party Monster

Johnathon Schaech, Rose McGowan and James Duval in The Doom Generation

More Rose and Boy George

More Party Monster

80's Original Tron 

Screencap from a Northern Exposure episode

Screencap from a Hannah Brick vlog

More Party Monster

And lastly more Tron


Friday, 1 April 2016

Amsterdam and the worst kept secret

Me, my dad and my grandpa took a trip to amsterdam in early March for my dad's birthday and because it's Easter break and I'm in bristol alone, trying to get work done without the distractions of home or friends before my horrible deadline in three weeks, I'm finally writing and posting again. 
I missed Amsterdam, I went on a university trip there last year with my sort of foundations friends who I don't really speak to now as it is when you make friends with people on a trip. 
Going somewhere for the second time is weird because you sort of know the place and your way around and places you liked and want to visit again and also the places to avoid. But then its still a foreign city that I live in or frequent often. 

Amsterdam will always be relaxing to me, I like walking down the streets and along the canals and the odd stitched together houses and feeling centered and peaceful. I was less on edge this time, just with my family who would happily split up and look round galleries and museums and not drag me into tourist shops to buy clog keyrings or pressure me to go out during the night when I couldnt walk.
I took a lot less photos as well, I've been doing that a lot less recently and I've started getting rid of photos a lot more as well, it's therapeutic to rid my phone, which I'm not to proud to admit is an extension of myself, of boring photos someone told me to take or I felt I had to capture or sometimes the exact same image that I convinced myself not to delete as they might show something different. 


It's also time to reveal the worst kept secret I've ever held, not because I told everyone but because I told no one and forgot about the secret for three months which is probably worse than letting slip. 
Factory Girl is finished!

It was actually finished just after Christmas but I got ill for a while and really struggled with uploading it, then once I'd uploaded it I started seeing every little (and sometimes not so little) flaw with it and tried to delete and re asses the whole thing but I couldn't figure that out and now I'm just going to let it fall out of the nest and see if it lands as I don't really have the time/ability to fix it.
It's also the first edition of a zine from someone who'd never even used indesign before last year or had any experience with making magazines. 

I'm planning to continue with a second edition, hopefully coming out sometime around October, which will be about young peoples relation to witchcraft and the supernatural (Halloween spookiness guaranteed) I might keep the name Factory Girl as I kinda fell in love with it

If you're interested in submitting anything hit me up on tumblr or instagram as per, I'm gonna start researching ideas once I finish this last big project for uni so moodboards and inspo should be coming soon.