Friday, 9 September 2016

Factory Girl Issue 2 subbmissions

Open call for writers, artists, photographers and poets to submit work for Factory Girl Issue 2 - Bitchcraft.

This issue focuses on witches and ghouls, spirituality and culture, horror stories and getting creepy!

So far I've had some great photographs sent in and beautiful paintings sent in and I'm really looking for written pieces if you have anything you'd want to send in 

Any submissions can be sent through the factory girl tumblr or to


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Depop and Groove Delight

As I am a struggling student, a struggling fashion student with a lot of clothes, I'm doing that classic desperate beg for you to buy my stuff cloaked with the guise of a #whatsinmyshop twee post. 

I do actually have some fun stuff in my depop rosie_rebelled, old weird vintage clothes and patches I made years ago and are selling on the cheap. 

There's some one of hand embroidered pieces there too that I really enjoy making as well as selling plus the cute bobbly dangly pompom earrings I've been making recently.

Some items, mostly the clothes I cant afford to do international postage as once again, I don't have much money ya get me? 

I also wanted to share my little Groove Delight Playlist that I honestly listen to everyday and would totally be my dj playlist if I was down in Ibiza and to also proove that after two years I've finally figured out how to embed codes into posts