Thursday, 29 May 2014

Favourite app and photos

I went through some of my edited photos on my phone and thought I'd share some of the better photos and tell you about my favorite app VSCO Cam. 

It's this great photo editing app that I use for a lot of my photo's and most of my instagram photos. I used to be a Pixlr Editor girl for so long, the incredible vintage overlays drew me in, but I downloaded the app after seeing some cool tumblr photo blogs suggest it and I've never looked back. 

It comes with these beautiful filters and you have loads of control over what you want in you photo.
Want one of the filters contrast quality but not the color? Just reduce the saturation in the editing section.
It also has some cute colour overlay things that just effect the highlights or the shadows, I cant really explain it well I just like them. 

Arctic Monkeys crowd in October
I've always liked this photo despite not seeing the stage 

The samples for my art project

Fancy ass selfie with an orange theme
It's a spaghetti strap I'm not just in a bra

The church hall on election day
Aka the first time I voted

The pretty pretty pier
Looking all cute with its fancy silver roof

Cute over filtered selfie
When I was playing in a changing room

My Dad in a down pour

Foggy days are great for photography
Not great for easily frizzed hair.

The Hoosiers, Godzilla and Revision Woes

Well it's been a busy few days

On Sunday me and my friends were missing each other so we met up and went to go see the new Godzilla movie, I'm not going to do a whole in depth review of it, unless anyone wants me to, because it was just a really fun film. I will mention that they managed to reference the original film in a sweet nostalgic sense rather than just kinda throwing in a scene to try and keep fans happy like some other reboot films.

I did think going in before hand that I might not fall for Aaron Taylor Johnson again, seeing his mustache in Anna Karenina lessened the crush slightly, but seeing him again brought those Angus-Thongs-and-Perfect-Snogging-Feelings back in full force.

Just look at him, tell me you dont feel the same
And then on Tuesday I went with two of my friends to go and see The Hoosiers in Cardiff. I was so excited and I'm so glad I went, I've been obsessed with them since I was 12 and they were so nice and it was one of those really intimate gigs, Irwin and some of the band even jumped into the audience during some of the songs, I got into a kinda group hug with Alphonso after some dude behind me brought us all into a group hug. I even stood next to Irwin at one point but I was embarrassingly star struck and didn't do anything. They played some of their best songs and did and acoustic version of Choices which is my favorite song they've done.

I didn't get any great pictures as I was on my crappy digital camera and my phone but I managed to get some vaguely focused pictures of the night. 
Irwin and his fabulous guitar
A surprisingly good picture with Alphonzo in the background
Irwin and Son of Jack who was an impromptu supporting act
The ever cool Sam who played both keyboard and trumpet
It was a great gig, there were a few to many support acts, four was a bit too much, especially since we were only expecting one. Ariana And The Rose were my favorite, their song heartbeat was so fun, they were kinda pop rock in the good way and literally everyone in their band was stunningly hot, I even got a picture with the keyboard player who was one of those people who you just thank the world they exist. I would put it up but it was taken on my friends phone. 

After all that excitement I've kinda been slacking on revision. I know, its awful to start wining about how bad it is but it's just so boring. Because I studied most of the textiles revision for my resit I'm not really struggling as much as I was before with the content, its just finding the energy and motivation to do the past papers. I have less than a week till the textiles exam and I'm just so bored doing these dull endless questions, despite those type of long questions being my strong suit. I'm going to ask my friend round for a revision session to get me a little bit more active. 


Saturday, 24 May 2014

On leaving school

That's finally it.
I've left school!
No more rushing to find my school tie with five minutes to get out the door and in lessons, no being told by teachers to take my earrings out as they're too 'distracting'. 

I'm so over school.
In the last post I was worried I would be upset or sad at having to leave but I was really glad, the leavers assembly was a bit of a laugh but just focused on the teachers favourites. Afterwards we went to the pub which fun, watching the people in my year get drunk and loose all their dignity was more fun than could be imagined. I also talked to some people who I hadn't seen in years and people I'd never even spoken to. 

I may have drank a little too much, a little too early, as I'm now sat in bed feeling gross despite being fine when I woke up. 

So no more school, just revision and exams and stress and then the beautiful endless holiday before art foundation course.

My parents are away for the weekend so it's just me and my older brother, so far I'm surviving on twiglits and bananas so things are good.

As a lot of my posts have been a little text heavy recently I thought I'd mix it up with a few pictures to show my emotions on the subject of leaving school.

Current emotion: Bitchface


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Last day ever

So it's almost over!
Today was my last proper day of sixth form, the last day with lessons anyway. 
Only the farewell assembly tomorrow, days in for revision and my exams before I never have to return to that place again. 

I've been having mixed feelings about school recently, I'm not a particularly preppy high school student and my school pride is near to none. I think the main problem I have with my school is all the fuss and drama that comes with it, the uniform policies, the obsession with getting kids shipped off to Oxford and Cambridge, the whole politics about the head boys/girls and prefects, having to put up with really unpleasant people who dont ever get put in their place because they are on the rugby team or the senior team. 

I'll defiantly miss a lot of my teachers, we had a bit of a sob fest when we said goodbye to our Drama teacher of two years, she wrote a poem about us and gave us a ruler each as a present, an inside joke. I'll miss my lessons and some of the staff, cleaners and cooks who have been nice to us bratty kids over the last few years. It sounds really materialistic but I'll miss the textiles room and the huge amount of equipment we had, the mac books, Photoshop and that embroidery machine. Wow.

In all honesty I'm glad to see this portion of my life behind me, I dont think I'll ever be one of those people who tell you that 'school was the best time of their life'. I will admit that there's a strong chance of me getting teary eyed at the assembly tomorrow but that's probably just because I'm feeling pretty emotional at the moment. 

but here's me sitting in my leavers sweatshirt looking fly

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Looking at my town in a new light.

I took a walk round town to get soak in some of the sunshine, to avoid another day spent sat in my room doing nothing. Usually I'd just go round the charity shops, I'm still on the look out for a pair of cheap high waisted jeans, but today I went round some of the side streets and took a different route.

While the town I live in isn't the most interesting place to live in, it's just really middle class most of the time, it can look almost picturesque in the sun.


Art Film and New Designs

This weekend's been a kinda non event for me, I dont really have anything important to do, just past papers for revision and finishing tiny bits for art. 
It's my last weekend before I leave school and I'm mostly catching up on sleep and tv shows, I watched half of American Horror Story Coven yesterday which was a huge mistake as now I think I'm a witch. 

I'm trying to fit in all the interesting procrastinating stuff now so I can knuckle down before exams and revision properly start and that includes me trying to improve the layout of my blog.
I really didn't like the back ground I was using, I felt guilty as it wasn't my image, just the first one that fit the colour scheme I was working with, now I just have the white background and I'm planning on redesigning the whole blog soon, once I find a template that I actually like the look of.
I know I'm really indecisive but I'm just trying to make it into a blog that I enjoy reading, I did figure out how to do tags and popular posts and stuff which is cool.
I did finish the short film I did for my art project, it's mostly just clips of the beach and trees and when I went on holiday, it's not much but I found it fun making little films and stuff, I might try again with some film I took last weekend.
I wanted to upload it but it was taking too long and I wanted to get this post up today.

I'm not feeling great at the moment, I think its the drastic appearance of the sun, so I'm in bed at the moment, despite it being a lush summer afternoon.

I did go out earlier for a walk round the parts of my town I dont usually visit and took some photo's on my phone that I'm hopefully going to edit and put up in a post tonight.

Sorry for the non importance of this post I'm now going to watch 90's cbbc programs and try and not fall asleep.


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I want so many lovely things that I do not need and really cannot afford right now.

I had to put this in a separate post as the layout was messed up and it didn't read well.

Most of this stuff was just me getting greedy and seeing all the lovely things you find on polyvore but some of the stuff is things I've been wanting for a while.

1. Mom Jeans, or high waisted boyfriend jeans, I'm not too fussy on the brand I just want a pair of high waisted jeans that dont make my hips look the size of Canada. The pair below were from Topshop but I saw a fab pair on Beyond Retro that had my exact measurements so I'm keeping them book marked.

2. A record player. I always feel like a super pretensions hipster when I go to the charity shops and buy records as I dont own a record player but they're like 20p each and I dont really want to let a Human League single to waste away in Oxfam when it could hang out on my book shelf with my kids books.

3. A dress for the leavers ball, It's in like two months so I'm not rushing but I can't find anything nice at all. The black dress is from Urban Outfitters and I was attracted by the back mostly as the front is kinda not nice. Although now I think about it you probably wouldn't see the back as I'd have my hair down. 
Not that you'd see me at the ball anyway.

Things I Want But Cant Afford

One down, two left standing. Or an abundance of webcam pictures

I finish my first exam!
*confetti cannons blow and I start running round waving those football clacker things*

My resit for Textiles AS was this morning and I am so glad its over. Over! No more crying because I don't know how to fill in the boxes properly. 

Well until my next exam.... 

But they're not for ages! 

For the next two weeks I get to relax and revise. And relax. And revise. 
But it also means I can post with a bit more regularity, is that the right word? 

So here's some of the webcam pictures I took during my revision breaks 

Me showing off my side pony
And here Rosie is modeling the Urban Outfitters pastel velvet blue scrunchie that she found in the sale bin
Sassy Grandma Glasses
Oh look I'm doing work... The camera just went off I swear...
Selfie in the dark, so artistic....
I have no idea what this is, pajama selfie?
Looking fresh to death. Or close to death. You choose.
Ooh, hello their revision.
Well as you can see I defiantly had fun 


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Revision is slowly killing my brain cells

Well my textiles resit exam is Wednesday and I've spent the whole weekend and all of today revising and doing past papers and it's killing me. I've spent too long in the confines of my house and school my mum had to take me to Ikea for lunch today to stop me from going crazy. 
(The chickpea biryani is lush btws)

I did manage to leave the house on Saturday for the greatness night of the year....

Obviously I'm talking about Eurovision. It is seriously the best thing ever, Rookie should so do an article about it it's that good, and last year my friends and I went and watched it at a parent free household. This year, as all of us are adults and very grown up, we begged for a parent free household and we all had a lot of the alcohol. 
Ooh look at the cool kids with their Eurovision party and chocolate liqueur that someone's dad gave them. 

It's also tradition to dress as one of the countries participating, or just one of the countries in my case last year, the Czech Republic had a supporter with nothing to support.  
I was Iceland because I saw a picture of them at the awards show and they were all wearing colour coordinated block colour dresses witch is hard look to pull off.

We never really put a huge amount of effort into the costumes, I just wore a flower crown, my fake fur jacket and sunglasses with ice cube drawings stuck on the sides, which were cute but I don't have a photo of and now they've wandered off. 

Here's me looking cute in my bathroom again
I wore the flower crown because I saw a picture of Icelandic national dress and one of the girls wore flowers and just thought, why not?
Probably the worst ootd photo ever, I really need to clean that mirror. I'm wearing A topshop black crop top, which is literally the only thing I wear now, and a River Island pinafore dress.
Fancy picture of me taking a selfie. 
Eurovision was the best and I'm so glad Conchita won, the whole theme of the evening was about equality and loving each other and its incredible to see acts like Conchita win over Poland's creepy milk churning entry. 


P.S. I started this post in the evening but got too tired to finish it and started again in the morning, that's why the timing's a little off.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Tru Hippie Kids Wear Real Flower Crows

This is the sacred weekend before I hand in my art sketchbook and finish with that course and it's also the weekend before my textiles exam. Its very stressful, especially since I tried out a section of a past paper today and only got 50%. 
Basically I'm an idiot who has no hope. 

Any way I got bored waiting for the glue in my book to dry and had daisies left over from some flower pressing I was doing and made a flower power daisy chain for my hair and took selfies, obvs.

I Kinda like this shot, it feels like the soft grunge tags on tumblr
So Blur.
I find these shots to be really boring and hipstery and they don't really show anything but there was no way to see the crown dead on.
I also have an exciting secret that I'm really happy but I'm not going to share anything until the plans are definite. Its a really cool secret and I feel like an actual adult when discussing it with those who are in the know. 
Fyi, it's nothing scandalous like pregnancies or running away to Moscow or anything. 

Sorry this post is a little everywhere today, I'm tired and am not thinking straight.


La Vie En Rose

I had two possible posts for today, one was a slightly angry bad grrl ootd with a little bit of a diy in it and the other is the post I am putting up. I was in a mood that day and my anger was misplaced and I think I'll leave it for a little longer to put it up because while the outfit was cute I think I need to let that emotion go for a while. 
So instead here is me posing in front of my bathroom to make myself feel better. 

I had one of those days today when you don't really pay much attention to what make up you're putting on, (shock horror I wasn't even wearing primer this morning) and by the time you get ready to take it all off its still ... there ...

Like your eyeliner's not smudged away into the ether world and there's still some foundation on your skin and your blushers still on your cheeks rather than halfway down your neck. 
And it just feels weird.

So that was a highlight of my day, which is very sad in itself but I put my hair in a ponytail and it actually looked cute and french like, not that I have any idea of what french ponytails look like. This is a rarity with my hair as it just does its own thing most of the time and is uncooperative.

I kinda like this photo but my posture, nose and that annoying strand of hair ruins everything
I feel this would be the cover of the my life's film if I was a cute french waitress in Paris rather than a goofy looking unemployed kid from South Wales.
No idea why my lips look so blue, something happened that I couldn't control. It's called my crap editing skillz.
I realize only now that my skin is overly shiny, I probably should have thought about that.

So rejoice for good makeup days, may your eyebrows be on point and your lip stains be vibrant till the end of time, or before you go to bed because you do need to take it off at some point. 
Skincare Dammit!