Saturday, 23 May 2015

They judge me like a picture book. By the colors, like they forgot to read

My deadline is over! 

Well not technically, I still have loads of work to finish before my exhibition, but I finally got my final piece 99% finished and I can wing the rest of my sketchbook before then. I'm so super stoked to have an exhibition, we never had them for any of the art work at my school, except for open-days that only parents would see and my teachers would set up so they don't count. 
It's going to be super cool and I'm planning to take a hella lot of photos.

Speaking of photos, what a good segway, I got more photos developed, this time from the digital film camera my mamgu (Gran) left me when she died. It's a really sweet feeling, like she's still here and it was lovely to find some of the photos she took of me last summer, even if I look awful.

Most of these photos were taken on my trip to Amsterdam, wandering up the mountain with friends from uni, and messing about in my garden. As I only have analogue film cameras (woe is me) I usually spend a lot of time hoping that they will turn out good, or at least half way decent. While getting the right aperture and shutter speed are super important, sometimes it feels like it can take away the fun of snapping up photos on the go. With this digital, that works similar to a disposable, there are three settings, auto flash, red eye reduction or no flash, which means I can shoot to my hearts content, it also has auto focus so I can take selfies without my face being blurred into obscurity. 

Wonderfully colourful wooden tulips and magical very real cacti, or cactusesses as I prefer to say. From the flower market in Amsterdam

The royal palace and the ethereal beings of my maybe favourite place in the world - Warterlooplien vintage market. God I want to be back there. 

My friend Eva on our quest to find the promise lands - Electric Ladyland. Which unfortunately we couldn't find but saw loads of cats on along the way.

Photos from my garden including a photo I'd hyped up in my head, thinking you'd see my reflection properly but its only faint. 

A lovely photo I took of our DJ at the northern soul night I went to who let me take a photo of him. It kinda makes me miss all the dancing and laughing and cool records.

Not particularly flattering, but still pretty cool selfies that I surprisingly don't hate 

Ages ago me and some friends from uni decided to walk up the mountain opposite from the mountain our uni sits on. Yes going to university in the valleys means you're never far from a mountain. Of course we didn't walk the whole way up, just about half way to take photos in the little park/field-y bit. We also saw the house of the guy who first invented cremation, who was this crazy druid guy who walked round naked all the time or something. Fast times in the valleys


Including my swishy Morrisey coat that makes me want to swish round looking moody once again.


Sunday, 17 May 2015

Because I'm out my depth now, you can't leave me all alone in this bed

Oh life. It's been a rushed week.
I have my kinda deadline for art foundation on Thursday and dont really have any motivation to do anything but laze about listening to Joni Mitchell and do very un-needed internet shopping. The most productive I've been was booking the tickets for a girls holiday up to Edinburgh in August. 
So kind of productive?

I dont really have enough of anything - photos/journal entries/outfit pictures - to do a proper post so here's another awkward photo diary of the last week

My Kanken arrived! I bought it off someone on instagram last week and its so cute and purple! Now I finally have a backpack big enough to actually fit all of my crap into it.
Roll on the holidays and carting round far too many cameras and sketchbooks!

Seeds + fruit! Yay for eating better and actually sticking to it! 

Yesterday I decided it would be better to curl my hair than even open up my sketchbook

 Playing with the rainbow in my bathroom

As is tradition for early Sunday mornings me and mum went down to the carboot sale and tried to scope out things I'd need when I move out. While we couldn't really find anything I did buy a brand new, still had the label topshop dress and managed to resist buying all the lovely film camera's they were selling, instead buying a much more useful light meter, now I can actually try and use the right aperture rather than just leaving it on the brightest setting.


Everywhere I look I've been seeing plants and trees and feeling very green and happy.
Like a little pot plant.

Ying Yang beans
(I'm not sure if its the actual name or just what my mum calls them)

Sorry for the lack of anything that could be classified as interesting content.
Once I'm finished with this deadline I'll be able to properly focus.


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Foot on the pedal never ever false metal

I've never been one to like black and white photography, while obviously I appreciate photography regardless of medium I kind of hate when people just put a photo in black and white for the sake of it. Maybe it's just my love of colour or lack of minimalism that stops me from using black and white a lot. Until my mum bought me some rolls of black and white film, I'd run out of colour and after a fairly disastrous set of colour prints, that were all too dark, I decided I'd try out black and white for a change. 

Me and my Grandma on christmas day - squinting in the sun while clashing skirt/coat/scarf

I was told this was too creepy which I love

I can remember this being one of the first photos I took

I kind of love how weird this is, just because it was mad and wooky that day

Where would I be if I didn't include a picture of my cat

Also after receiving a lil zine in the letter from my penpal I've decided I'm going to make one sometime in the future, after my deadline for my final major project, 14 days guys! Once again if you'd like to submit anything you're more than welcome to!


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Please give those recycled house tracks my warmest regards

Today was pretty crazy and pretty awful and pretty great. We had cereal day today in uni for the hell of it and watched Dior and I which features the babein Raf Simmons who I love so much I wrote an essay about. All of that was really fun but then I got all stressed about the amount of time I had until my deadline and usually I have most of the space of the back table in the Fashion room but everyone was in, which isn't really their fault, but I felt all squished and unproductive. But then I met up with my friends while waiting for the train and we decided we had to go get pizza and dough-balls, which were delicious and put me in such a smiley good mood. Now I'm sat in my bed listening to Beastie Boys and planning stuff to do on my family trip to Sweden.

Drawing of Arvida Bystrom and the socks I bought from AA + the booklet from a kinda boring exhibition that I didn't get

Masking tape + colour + legz

artist/designer research for my uni project

Scans of the drawings/playing cards ??? that I did on the back of cereal boxes

more Laura Callaghan inspired stuff + Buuski inspired stuff + my first onscreen style icon the wonderful Rebecca Epstein from Starter For Ten who is the ultimate 90s Jewish collegiate riot girl

I also got scanner happy and scanned in some of the dried flowers that I put in my flower press last summer and forgot about until last night. I wanna do something creative with them because they're so beautiful.

I have also been really inspired by stuff lately, mostly two things. 
1. Ines' utterly wonderful zine heartbreak nation
2. Willow Smith's cover of Easy Easy

I kinda really want to make a zine now, like I have no idea how or what or why but I might try and make a few page layouts and cute drawings. But as you can probably tell, I'm pants at writing so I'm on the lookout for fabulous writers who might like to contribute anything? Otherwise it will be me and my bad spelling and overuse of the ~ ~ ~ ~