Saturday, 27 December 2014

Goodbye to this dead town, until the ice begins to thaw.

Slightly depressing lyric from my winter jam ~ Farewell To The Fairground ~ White Lies

Well Christmas is over, so long Yorkshire puddings and having wrapping paper everywhere, I've had a fab time drinking, eating, drinking, opening presents, drinking and watching crappy but heartwarming Christmas films and drinking. 
Yes, there was a fairly shocking amount of brandy/cava cocktails and strawberry cider involved in this years festivities honestly it made the whole thing go smoother.

~ This is not me promoting alcoholism btws ~ 

So to cool down after a stressful day of uni applications (I put down my final choices!) I'm sat in bed after an amazing bath, eating cheese cubes and looking at Dawn Porter and Chris O'Dowd's instagrams as they are my fave couple at the mo. 

I've also been doing lots of journal pages that I'll scan in and put up later, I really got into it all of a sudden and am nearly 2/3rds done with my most recent sketchbook.
The same goes for using my film camera, I put in some black and white film and had it with me for most of christmas day, lugging it round during our Christmas walk and annoying my family as they were eating. 

 I felt like Morrisey with the big coat and the scarf and the camera.
scarf~river island
badge~david bowie exhibit at the V&A

My brother, mum, younger brother and grandma looking like they could be in an indie music video together.

Me looking awkward in front of the ocean and a weird knobbly tree

Selfie soaking up the rays while my family looked at the abandoned house behind us

Our Christmas tree, its kinda weirdly shaped but its still cute.

~ a vegetarians christmas in wales ~ 

A small collection of some of the things my family bought me, Rookie yearbook 3, Swim Deep and Tom Odell albums, watercolor paints, gold hoop earrings and a bralet type top from topshop.

I did get a lot more stuff and although this sounds super ungrateful, for the first time it was all stuff I actually want and need which is a good thing as I'm usually given crap that I don't need or use ever.

All in all its been a good christmas, and a fairly good year, but I can't wait to move on to next year


Monday, 22 December 2014

Visual Inspiration. Wet's Music Video

I mentioned it in my playlist but I just wanted to draw attention to how beautiful the music video for Wet's Don't Wanna Be Your Girl. It's all spangly wonderful woodland nonsense and it makes me want to make home videos of me running through forests and swimming in muddy lakes.

This is more of a visual inspiration board so I would just scroll down and let the visuals wash over you.


Sunday, 21 December 2014

I tried to swim to the side but my feet got caught in the middle and I thought I'd seen the light but oh no.

Right now I'm totally freaking out about applying to uni's and writing personal statements and trying to figure out what grade i got for modual 3 in art??? So I'm trying to de-stress by putting up some journal pages, i finished my first big one while I was recovering from a virus on the sofa with the sickbucket (ew) and I went back and re-did some of the pages which was fun.

Peachy sketchdump with designs for the doll I have to make for uni, a business card sent by Alyssa and a kinda crappy life drawing I copied from an old sketch.

The last page of my journal, all about my main man Egon Sheile, also that quote was suposed to be by him but I got confused and wrote 'primordial entity' instead of 'primordially eternal' lol

A colouring in of a previously really dull drawing, its supposed to look like these, and a weirdly proportioned ink drawing of an angel. Or maybe that's what angel's look like.

My kinda favourite page, I did the drawing last year and have been waiting to put it somewhere and I was watching Nowhere Boy while completing it and I love the retro vibe of the whole thing.

A selfie page, filled with pictures from my phone/instagram, and a mismatch page of a design for uni, some collage stuff and an emulsion selfie of me.

+ + Feeling Blue + + and a page about my new fave french film, La Jetee, which is this fab 1960s sifi film that is just a montage of photos with narration but is just so good. You can watch it here but its in french and I cant seem to find an english translation so you may have to read the plot sumarry on wiki along side it to understand whats happening.

An embroidered mess on Cara's face with stitched and painted designs.

 I've shown this page before but now I've added colour to the drawing and it looks so much better.

The first page I started on in my new journal, its a kinda stupid sketch of a guy who sat in front of me in a lecture ages ago, I found the drawing in my note book and decided to stick in the little writings that came on the packaging of a ring set.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Winter songs for lonely lovers

These are just some of the songs I've been listening to on repeat that have a certain lonely winter morning vibe to them.

1. Fleet Foxes -White Winter Hymnal 
This song is like the ultimate winter song and I cant wait to play it when it snows and get snowflakes in my hair
2. Sonic Youth - Providence 
I've just started listening to Sonic Youth properly and all of their music is so relaxing and calming, especially the audio on this one.
3. Lorde - A World Alone
I listened to this like everything on the train journey to uni and its the most atmospheric song ever. 
4. Wet - Don't Wanna Be Your Girl
Okay, don't touch me when I'm listening to this song or I will burst out crying, this song punches me in the heart, I don't wanna be all tumblr but seriously the feels I get are off the scale. Kelly Zutra's vocals make me imagine I'm lying in a misty field at dawn in a white dress with flowers braided into my hair.
5. George Ezra - Listen To The Man
Every time I watch them music video for this my heart swells up like that scene in the Grinch, its so goddam cute with Ian Mckellen and George. It's also a bit more upbeat than most of the songs but its still got that deep tone to it that I thought was relevant.


Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas come but once a year so why not look your super cutest?

A time old question.
What to wear on Christmas day?

I've tried to stay away from lazing about in pj's all day, that just leads to feeling tired and awkward photos, so I've been thinking about outfit possibilities, and as always I turn to 90's movie icons.
I'm thinking mini kilt/tartan skirt, I have a short flippy Primark one and a longer calf length vintage one that I could wear if I don't eat anything, because yeah, that's going to happen. I may go out and try and thrift one at the charity shop if I can find one.
 Its always going to be worn with tights + cute socks, because I live in the perpetual gloom of South Wales, and either a black turtle neck or my topshop crop top, because that thing is seeing me to my grave.

While Cher Horowitz will always be the queen of plaid mini kilt + matching print blazer, credit should be share with some more of Alicia Silverstone lesser known movies.

Above and below are from the 1996 film True Crime.

Even her in the super cheesy Batman and Robin, where she plays a kick ass, but totally not comic compliant, Batgirl, but that fell on the kinda shitty writing rather than her. While I can't find a full picture of this outfit you can imagine the amazing school girl kilt that went with that killer tie. Yeah I think we were all had heart eyes like Chris O'Donnell during this scene. 


Liv Tyler in Empire Records, like who would not put her on the list, I love the fuzzy crop top + combat boots. Also shout out to the clogs Zellweger is rocking, I still love you, even after the whole surgery shit. Her face is her face. Leave it.

 Also another shout out to Robin Tunney for making the ultimate grunge look, also for looking forever young. Like seriously this was like 20 years ago and she looks the exact same.
~ More modern inspo ~

I couldnt find the magazine but the model is Kitty Riddell

Saint Laurent glitter mini kilt
I'm obsessed

Also a super cute diy by Dietblond on how to recreate it.


Sunday, 14 December 2014

London for the Lovers

I know I've been a bit distant recently but I've been super busy with the end the uni's Christmas term and getting my photography work completed. To celebrate the end of term, and all my work, I went up to visit my friend Niamh in London for the weekend, and to help her pack all of her stuff to return home. 

Also yay for all of my friends who are coming home for Christmas.

Waiting on the tube to Camden and me waiting for the bus to take me up to London. For some reason it wouldn't let me switch them round to the correct chronological order.

Somerset House, we decided to try and be cultured and saw the Egon Sheile exhibit, which is like insanely good and everyone should see.

The Fourtnam and Mason Christmas tree outside the ice rink


Messing about in the photo booth at the Camden Urban Outfitters and chip cones by Camden Locke 

Liberties is like the prettiest store in the world, if you want to visit Harrods, don't, visit Liberties instead, its like Harrods without all the crap and much prettier designs.

A stunning morning view on the day we left