Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Stream of photographic consciousness

This is gonna be a pretty rambly post as I wanted to fit everything into one post rather than having lots of little pointless ones. It's sort of a recap of things that have happened recently (and other less recent things) through photographs and not all of them make sense but it looks pretty so whattayagonnado?

On the weekend I got paid to help paint and clean up my aunts flat as the old tenant moved out and the new ones were coming on the wednesday. It wasn't too bad other than leaning on a bit of gloss paint and having to re-paint it 10 minutes before we finished. I made a bit of cash and I guess arty painting has been useful for getting neat edges. I also got to wear my mum's super cool, super retro painting overalls. #score

The sunrises/sunsets recently have been amazing, for some reason it's been really bright for the last few days, like blindingly so, and I come home on the train to beautiful sunsets that look like the world is ending but I love it.

This week I'm specializing in fashion and textiles, which is what I plan to do for the rest of foundation (+ university) and we had to do a project on ties, which sounds weird and it was even weirder with the poem we'd been given. I don't really know how but I got the idea of turning the point of the tie (that apparently points to the pubic area?!) upside down for the female form. I have a lot about masculine and feminine and gender stuff on my sheets but it still doesn't quite explain why I've made this monster. There's also a skirt I haven't yet finished and it was supposed to go with the bodice but they don't quiet go together so I'm thinking of a collection, I also had the idea of making a chain scarf out of ties if I have time tomorrow.

I call these the Snapchat Adventures, that feature my way-too-big-ffor-me mom jeans and my vintage disneyland Hong Kong sweatshirt, both from the charity shops.

As well the balloon my friends bought me for my birthday is slowly loosing helium and will bounce round my room due to the air, it's kinda creepy when you see someone pass through my door and have the balloon float along with them.

I found some old outfit photo's I used to post on tumblr when I was trying out having a blog. Here's me as a Wednesday Adams Cher Horowitz love child, with moody and awkward poses. No changes there then

Here are some way old, like january time photos of me trying to style my DIY embroidered David Bowie shirt. I look really akward and I had to crop out my face but it was fun none the less.


Also, much much more important that anything on this blog is the events happening in Ferguson, it's a huge part of modern history and if I would suggest educating yourself if you don't know a lot about it. 

I've re-blogged a lot of stuff on my tumblr in the last few days and I always have this feeling of uselessness in situations like these so through Maya's post I found this to inform white allies what they can do to help.

Stay woke

R.I.P to Michael Brown and all those who's lives were stolen by the awful side of humanity that let this travesty happen


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