Saturday, 28 February 2015

This Charming Man

I'm so tired.

Honestly I've not felt this exhausted by everything in a long time. I had my first uni interview this week which was really scary, they looked through our portfolios without us and didn't really mention them during the interview so I've no idea what they thought about them, I cant tell if it would have been better if I had watched them go through my portfolio or if it would have been really awkward. 
The actual interview was okay, they asked me some weird questions about the last book I'd read and what music I listen to which is weird for a fashion course. 

But this is the first weekend that I havent had crazy amounts of stuff to do so I finally have time lounge about and watch Gossip Girl and take outfit photos. I'm also in the process {meaning I havent started} cleaning out my wardrobe for old stuff to sell and give away, which means I'm finding all of the stuff I forget is hanging in the back under piles of denim jackets. {I now have four}

I met up with a friend who was down from London for the weekend and we looked over old photos and talked about many things including St Fagans, a mutual dislike of Mumford and Sons, Kimye and Fred Perry. The outfit is sort of an attempt to dress suitably and to say 'fuck it weather'


She's not my fave Wes character, not even my fave RTs character, bu Margot has almost the best staple outfit ever. Simple striped tennis dress, long fur (that I hope is faux) coat, painlessly simple hair held back by hair clip and super smudged eyeliner, her outfit is on point.

I was so happy with the way I looked in this photo I spent nearly an hour on photoshop trying to make a 'triple threat' version of it.

I wore my sunglasses and felt like a newyork inner city cop in the 1970s.

This outfit is also dedicated to the wonder that is DaBrick and the fabulous character she becomes in this video

In fact, all of my posts as of now are dedicated to Hannah

I felt so oldschool in this coat its unreal. 

This is the cover of the album I would make which is just gravely jazz about 'youths' 


Sunday, 22 February 2015

This Time Tomorrow Where Will We Be

I'm so ill right now I can't actually open my eyes wide enough to see without it hurting.

I have a cold, and it sucks, I'm sneezing and coughing and I look like death with lipstain on. 
I've spent all week trying to finish my project for uni and avoid thinking about my interview on Wednesday. And the sheets of work stuck into my portfolio case that I haven't really touched.

I had so much I wanted to get done this week, I wanted to finish all of my work, see my friends, finally get my hair cut, get a new phone, clean my room and start selling the hoards of clothes I own but don't wear. And while I did a bit of the things on the list, I mostly laid about, watching films, buying clothes from charity shops and eating too much chocolate. 

I saw some graffiti, although it might have just been building signs, that were primary colours and made me happy. I've had a total love of colour pallets recently. I started following Post-Patternism on tumblr and I just want everything to be blue, yellow and dusty.

I was snapchatting my friend who lives in Australia, where there's storms occurring, and it made me laugh that she tried to escape the rain and clouds while it was sunny and bright here.

Here is the best photo I've ever taken + the best photo of me ever taken. Oddly enough it was one of the actually best nights ever, me and my friends just went walking round town, like from one point to the other, and we just talked about our lives and art and the future and it was one of those filmic moments.

And I did the annual re-watch of When Harry Met Sally, which is more of a Christmas/end of year film when you get down to it, everything happens in the snow it seems, and I have serious 'Sally Albright stands with her hands on her hips looking pissed off at Harry Burns' feelings. 


Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I've been nominated by the super cool Elma to do the Liebster Award which is so super cool and the first tag/connecting with other blog/thing I've done. I feel so accomplished! You will regret tagging me in this purely by how big my ego has gotten now.

-Thank the person who nominated and link their blog
-Answer the questions given by the nominator
-Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers and link them
-Notify all the bloggers you nominate
-Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer

-What was the last thing you bought online?
It was ages ago, like last summer ages ago but I bought a cheap anorak style denim jacket from she-inside that I don't really wear enough. I'm actually not that bad at shopping online as I don't like creating accounts on loads of different websites because its another password to remeber. I say this as I have two tabs open on my computer of vintage shopping and like eight bookmarks of stuff I want to buy online. 

-How tall are you?
5.7 I think. I have the feeling that I've shrunk a bit but I still don't think I'm 5.6 yet.

-What is your relationship with the last person you texted/messaged?
My Dad. I do not have a thrillingly scandalous social life.

-A book you would encourage everyone to read?
I actually don't read as much as I should and I don't really read great intellectual books when I do but I just finished Cut Off by Lynda Waterhouse for the second time and god that book cuts so deep. I would also suggest all/any of the Rookie Yearbooks as I think they 1. are so important for young girls to read and fall in love with and feel comforted by and 2. show the rest of the world what young girls are actually like.

-If you had to have one song play over and over again for the rest of your life, what song would it be?
Omg this is so difficult. I can get sick of a song like so quickly it would probably have to be some kind of instrumental thing. Maybe from the Grand Budapest soundtrack because I used that to study for A-level exams and I didn't fail anything so they must motivate you a little.

-How much do you have in your purse/wallet/wherever you keep your money right now?
Little. Well lots of coins. I went charity shopping again today and was trying to use up some of the change that is weighing down my purse. 

-Do you keep/ever kept a diary?
I tried keeping diaries when I was a kid but they never really lasted because of the pressure of writing daily when nothing had happened. Now I keep journals and this blog!

-Your popcorn preference?
I will eat any type of popcorn you give to me. If its free. 
So technically my preference is free...

-When was the last time you cried of laughter?
Five days ago

It was on the plane back from Amsterdam when my friend was reading out one of the in flight magazines and said that 'in medieval times cats were believed to be in league with Satan and sacrificed babies' rather than 'suffocated babies' which made me and Ginge cry with laughter.

-Top five films, go!
(How can I answer this?)
1. Marie Antoinette
2. Pride
3. Beasts of the Southern Wilds
4. The Virgin Suicides 
5. Tintin
(Actually just my top five out of the films I have on my bedside shelf)

-Baths or showers?
I'm kind of neither. I'm a human. lol
I like Baths for relaxing and feeling like a mermaid but showers for actually cleaning myself


I don't know if I follow enough blogs to nominate 11 but I'll have a go

(but she's already done one so just go check her blog out)
(I couldn't find any more peeps but if you want to do then I'm officially nominating you to do it because you're just as awesome)

My Questions
1.       Places you want to travel to before you turn thirty?
2.       What’s your ‘I need to cry/feel emotional/wallow in self pity’ playlist?
3.       What colour do you paint your nails most often with?
4.       Slumber party movie list?
5.       Book you pretend to have read but really haven’t?
6.       What colour would you say your eyes are when you stand under really strong light?
7.       Three people whose wardrobe you would totally steal?
8.       Feelings on David Bowie?
9.       A band you wish you could see live?
10.   For aesthetic purposes only, what era would you love to live in?
11.   Secret-never-told-anyone-before-because-its-so-embarrassing dream job?


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Gyallantines + Northern Soul

Happy Valentines Day!

Or not, depending on your thoughts on the matter. I don't really have any strong thoughts on the holiday as I've never had a valentines (don't cry for me Argentina its alright) it was never a big thing to me and isn't really now. While I don't have a SO in my life I do have this skirt, which is much cuter than any dude could be. I got it in Amsterdam from Episodes, which I'm still obsessed with, for €17 which is like £12 which is ridic because its almost the same as the American Apparel cheerleader skirts but better and less than half the price.
And it vintage and an old timey actual cheerleader probably wore it to practice or under the bleachers.

(What are bleachers? I have no idea I just like the sound of being under one)

My shirt is my Celine Dion (lol) diy shirt and I wore my denim jacket with it as well which made me feel really tumblr. 

I also spent Valentines with two Lancaster in gigantic trousers doing high kicks in youth club dance hauls to the sounds of Northern Soul and taking amphetamines and injecting speed in the bathrooms.

In other words I watched Northern Soul at the arts house with my dad and like three other people in the cinema which was such a cool awesome makes-you-wanna-dance-in-parks-at-midnight kinda film.

Which are the best

Also Antonia Thomas, who is my favorite everything has like the best style in the film, she rocks ankle length 1950s style dresses on the dance floor and halter neck everythings. 

I also made a list of the songs I listened to on Valentines day that don't make me think about love or relationships or heart shaped cookies or flower bouquets that seem to be everywhere at the moment.
Its sort of a 'nah I'm not bothered, I'd rather party on' to anyone who gives you pity because your alone on valentines.


Saturday, 14 February 2015

Amsterdam Calling

I'm alive!

Not that I feel very alive, I've got that living dead thing going on and its taking a lot of will power to not go to sleep despite it being only four o clock. I went with a group from art school to Amsterdam for four days and it was super amazing. The whole city is beautiful and charming and every building is a dream house in itself and I felt like I was wandering through a 1950's romance film when I walked along the canals. Also I really want to live on a house boat now.

If your thinking about maybe going to Amsterdam defiantly do it. Like seriously its the coolest city. Where else has both a Van Gough Museum and a Fluorescent Museum

I took a huge amount of photos, on my phone, digital camera + the film camera I inherited from my grandma (another film camera I know) so  I've done a photo diary sort of thing with pictures from my digital camera and I'm going to put more photos in my journal later.

This hotel gave me mad Grand Budapest Vibes

The Royal Palace

I was pretending to take a photo of my friends but was actually just wanted an excuse to look at the guy on the left.

At the modern art gallery. I was messing about and standing in front of the projector to make silhouettes and my friend said she'd take photos

Forever not taking art galleries seriously. Me and Eva with huge rainbow art.

I bought one of those plastic gemstone pendant things from a market so I could take cool kaleidoscope pictures like this.

While the rest of the group went on a boat tour that I wasn't interested in me and two friends went to the flea market in Waterlooplein. Which is seriously the flea market of my dreams, please if you do anything in your life go to Waterlooplein.

I found this cute poster for the market online

I don't really know if Vintage/Antique style is really big in the Netherlands because the market was huge and filled with everything but the prices were a lot cheaper than anything you get in Britain. Like a lot cheaper. One store had really nice selections of flannel shirts that are usually like £15+ for €4 which is like £2 something which is crazy. It's probably a good thing I took a small case because I had to physically stop myself from buying everything there. Serious self control was put in place when I saw a table of vintage cameras. 

Eva surveying the antiques sat along the canal.

This really cute and important message in the very pink changing rooms of Episodes which is like heaven on earth, me and this girl who I hadn't really talked to before bonded over our shared love of the place. It's like a super cheap vintage store with everything you could ever want. Including pastel velvet cropped turtlenecks and Japanese schoolgirl sailor tops that were so cute Ash nearly cried as she was out of money. 

I'm going to show what I bought in another post along with some cool stuff I bought from charity shops recently.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

You'd do it different but its not up to you

I'm doing a super quick journal post tonight because I'm off to Amsterdam on an art trip with uni at 3:30 in the morning tomorrow and I still need to do last minuet packing things as I spent most of the day putting on new music on my phone.

I've not had a lot of chance to do proper journaling in the last few weeks as all the crazy of portfolio has gotten in the way and its been proper bumming me out. I've found out I kinda need to create artwork other wise I go kinda crazy

I kinda messed up this journal at first, it was meant to be a place to practice and try out different art styles and be a bit more concise and feature less random drawings but then I was at uni and had nothing to draw in but this and tried to sketch out a few designs in this book and it failed and most of them were hella ugly so I've tried to cover over them. You can see a few designs in the more busy pages.

Also the scans are kinda crappy because the sketchbook I've been using has been a bit weathered and wont lie flat in the scanner.

Self portraits without looking at the page +++ a blue and yellow dotty ode to Haley Blais who gives me good vibez

Girl Gang dreams +++ trying to cover up the bad work I'd done underneath

A big fuck you +++ the colour blue

Hero status - Andy Warhol and Tavi Gevinson

Butt embroidery +++ notes I had to make for my portfolio that looked really pretty

Gloomy comics +++ flowery self portrait

In the stars +++ blue dots (I really like dots at the moment)

Primary colours +++ a painting I did while listening to performance art

Flower girl +++ my feelings about the rain


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Long Time No Type


What a terrible way to start this. 

Honestly, that was painful to type. 

Its finally over! Well its not but I have a moment of time when I'm not freaking out or obsessively erasing specs of dirt from my portfolio pages on Photoshop so I'm typing away tonight.

The last few weeks have been insane and it was weirdly upsetting not being able to type out my problems, maybe everyone should try blogging, its like free therapy. Kind of. Not really.

I've been really productive though, I don't think I could have been procrastinating with all the work I had to get done, I manged to get my digital portfolio for Kingston and Glasgow in ontime with only one (three) major freakout(s) and finished (most) of my project for uni.

Uni project ~ reinventing the artist's shirt into the artist's cannvas feat. my bae Van Gough

I even managed to get a head start on the next project, in that I think I have enough time to finish the garment + my sketchbook work + portfolio sheets for it. Which is hella good.

I feel so awkward typing hella.

The new topic is skeletal structure (?) and I've decided on organic forms (?) as it meant I could just create stuff and write 'organic' next to the sample in my book and it would be fine. This means I can sit and knit badly with loads of different fluffy wools and knit on my arm and with the wrong sized kneedles and stitch randomly into fabric and it works because its organic form and I've found that can mean anything!

Shitty photo of my weaving sample

Booby arm knitting. 
It's fine, no need to wear anything underneath. 
Two strategically placed pieces of tit tape would work.

My first attempt at arm knitting that looks like road kill. Also I scored so many brownie points for hanging it up on the wall and 'making the studio 'our' space'. 

Lattice smocking, it failled when it was pulled together but my god it looked pretty before hand.

Me during arm knitting, looking like I'm trying to do the lame body armor thing + groovy ink blots from cleaning my paint brush.

Also the most excited thing of the past few weeks has happened.

Central Saint Martins have asked for a mini portfolio!

I'm so excited I may cry.

I was asked last Thursday and I was so freaked out I spent the whole snowy train journey (yeah it also snowed this week but I've only got photos on my digital camera) almost bursting with fear and excitement and happiness and dread. 

I spent the whole weekend digging my self into a little corner of my room surrounded by art equipment and print outs of old films and lined note paper. We were allowed to choose the title and I decided on Youth in Full Bloom because its pretty and sweet and has flowers and girls in it so how can you complain? Its kinda inspired by flowery lovely people on tumblr and period films like Marie Antoinette and Daisies and the music video for Don't Wanna Be Your Girl by Wet, which I have raved about before x.

It's all florals and pretty pastel colours and flowing things and I really like the whole thing, It got me thinking about Final Major Big Project for uni (which is its full official title) and how it might be more fun to do something bright and pretty and happy rather than the same deep slightly depressing subjects that it can be easy to fall into too much. I was thinking about happiness and child hood and Meadham Kirchoff and asking for people to send me drawings from when they were a kid to use as inspiration.

Sorry this post has been kinda rambly, it was more of a conversation with myself and different from my usual style, also sorry for my much longer than expected break from blogging. 
It was tough.