Saturday, 14 February 2015

Amsterdam Calling

I'm alive!

Not that I feel very alive, I've got that living dead thing going on and its taking a lot of will power to not go to sleep despite it being only four o clock. I went with a group from art school to Amsterdam for four days and it was super amazing. The whole city is beautiful and charming and every building is a dream house in itself and I felt like I was wandering through a 1950's romance film when I walked along the canals. Also I really want to live on a house boat now.

If your thinking about maybe going to Amsterdam defiantly do it. Like seriously its the coolest city. Where else has both a Van Gough Museum and a Fluorescent Museum

I took a huge amount of photos, on my phone, digital camera + the film camera I inherited from my grandma (another film camera I know) so  I've done a photo diary sort of thing with pictures from my digital camera and I'm going to put more photos in my journal later.

This hotel gave me mad Grand Budapest Vibes

The Royal Palace

I was pretending to take a photo of my friends but was actually just wanted an excuse to look at the guy on the left.

At the modern art gallery. I was messing about and standing in front of the projector to make silhouettes and my friend said she'd take photos

Forever not taking art galleries seriously. Me and Eva with huge rainbow art.

I bought one of those plastic gemstone pendant things from a market so I could take cool kaleidoscope pictures like this.

While the rest of the group went on a boat tour that I wasn't interested in me and two friends went to the flea market in Waterlooplein. Which is seriously the flea market of my dreams, please if you do anything in your life go to Waterlooplein.

I found this cute poster for the market online

I don't really know if Vintage/Antique style is really big in the Netherlands because the market was huge and filled with everything but the prices were a lot cheaper than anything you get in Britain. Like a lot cheaper. One store had really nice selections of flannel shirts that are usually like £15+ for €4 which is like £2 something which is crazy. It's probably a good thing I took a small case because I had to physically stop myself from buying everything there. Serious self control was put in place when I saw a table of vintage cameras. 

Eva surveying the antiques sat along the canal.

This really cute and important message in the very pink changing rooms of Episodes which is like heaven on earth, me and this girl who I hadn't really talked to before bonded over our shared love of the place. It's like a super cheap vintage store with everything you could ever want. Including pastel velvet cropped turtlenecks and Japanese schoolgirl sailor tops that were so cute Ash nearly cried as she was out of money. 

I'm going to show what I bought in another post along with some cool stuff I bought from charity shops recently.


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