Sunday, 22 February 2015

This Time Tomorrow Where Will We Be

I'm so ill right now I can't actually open my eyes wide enough to see without it hurting.

I have a cold, and it sucks, I'm sneezing and coughing and I look like death with lipstain on. 
I've spent all week trying to finish my project for uni and avoid thinking about my interview on Wednesday. And the sheets of work stuck into my portfolio case that I haven't really touched.

I had so much I wanted to get done this week, I wanted to finish all of my work, see my friends, finally get my hair cut, get a new phone, clean my room and start selling the hoards of clothes I own but don't wear. And while I did a bit of the things on the list, I mostly laid about, watching films, buying clothes from charity shops and eating too much chocolate. 

I saw some graffiti, although it might have just been building signs, that were primary colours and made me happy. I've had a total love of colour pallets recently. I started following Post-Patternism on tumblr and I just want everything to be blue, yellow and dusty.

I was snapchatting my friend who lives in Australia, where there's storms occurring, and it made me laugh that she tried to escape the rain and clouds while it was sunny and bright here.

Here is the best photo I've ever taken + the best photo of me ever taken. Oddly enough it was one of the actually best nights ever, me and my friends just went walking round town, like from one point to the other, and we just talked about our lives and art and the future and it was one of those filmic moments.

And I did the annual re-watch of When Harry Met Sally, which is more of a Christmas/end of year film when you get down to it, everything happens in the snow it seems, and I have serious 'Sally Albright stands with her hands on her hips looking pissed off at Harry Burns' feelings. 



  1. i'm loving the aesthetic of these photographs! very filmic and cool. loving it

    1. thank you xx i always want them to look more like a film so its a huge compliment to me xx

  2. Love your writing style and photography!