Thursday, 12 November 2015

I always flirt with death

I had an extremely rare free moment one weekend and decided to get a move on with Factory Girl and try and piece together some of the pages and move into making it a readable zine rather than just pages floating about in a document on my computer. 
There is still time to submit and I'm really looking for more pieces of photography and written work as well as poems and illustration. I keep forgetting to mention but while it's Factory Girl it is non-gender specific and anyone can submit!
You can leave a comment below, contact me through my tumblr or dm on twitter or instagram if you're interested!


Sunday, 1 November 2015

middle of the worst season playlist

I'm not going to lie I hate autumn.
I hate the leaves dying I hate the rain I hate getting sweaty from all the layers I have going on because apparently everyone needs to wear gigantic polyester jumpers as soon as it rolls round and I hate pumpkin spice lattes.
I mean I've never tried them but I don't like lattes in general and I only eat pumpkin soup out of respect for Kate Nash and pumpkin pancakes because my mum makes them every holiday.

I don't like autumn because it feels like its closing shop on summer, the sun sets far too quickly and waking up becomes a painful extraction of me from my duvet cocoon. And it's a painfully long interlude between winter and Christmas and snow and snuggling up with blankets and hot chocolate and making Christmas gifts. 

So to distract my hatred of autumn I make playlists of pumped up songs that make me forget that the fallen leaves are probably stuck to my boots and I cant wear shirts without vests underneath. 
Two fingers up to autumn.

Photograph by me taken in Amsterdam earlier this year.