Sunday, 26 July 2015

Run Like Me Like Hell Like Everybody Else

It's kind of ironic to be writing a post on running and having a slightly healthier lifestyle when all I've eaten today was pancakes and crisps, the only form of exercise being a punishingly busy walk through ikea, trying to find bed sheets for uni. Today was one of my rest days, which occur have often during the week and correlate to the moody horrible weather which means I can't go for a run in fear of slipping on the pavement. Despite being a lazy lump of bed and socks today I've managed to stick to a pretty good running routine, and while it took a punishingly long time I can actually feel and see the benefits, my legs have never been this strong and I can run a lot longer than 20 seconds without needing to stop for a breather!

All of these songs have featured on my running playlist for the last few sessions and they all have that great thumping deep rhythm that pushes you forward. 

While the pavement and parks I run round aren't catwalks and really I'm not going out there with no makeup and unwashed hair to impress someone, I do like planning my running outfit, even if it is to pick out which pair of shorts or huge baggy t-shirt I'm going off in. 

runnin swag

runnin swag by utterlyrosie featuring short socks

Shown here in this terrible polyvore is similar, but much more fancy, versions of my usual running attire, a baggy t shirt is a lot better at keeping the sweat away than a tight vest top, also you can show off whatever cool band shirts you own and love enough to sweat in! I like to wear my Vaccines tee or a plain white one to give that cool Freaks and Geeks gym session feel. A pair of short shorts are my favourite, I have a pair of bright red high waisted very 80's soccer mom-esque shorts that are baggy enough to not be booty shorts but still look cute. Running shoes are running shoes and as long as they don't break your ankle they're good to go, I would suggest a pair of socks, cute knee high socks being the best because no.1 they look very cute no.2 you don't have to worry about shaving your legs no.3 if you're embarrassed to be seen running round with red cheeks and a noticeable lack of breath knee socks give that casual 'oh I was just off to football/rugby/lacrosse/other sports practice, catch you later sweet cheeks' look about them.

running inspo

Nadine from the film Little Furniture who is infinitely the more interesting sister and the reason I managed to watch the whole of Lena Dunham's self centered whining for however many minuets the film lasts. (I'm not exactly Dunham's biggest fan if you can guess)

*freaks and geeks*

* Gregory's Girl *
 a real Scottish classic that always makes me wish I was a Scottish teen in the 80s and then John Gorgon Sinclair would be a little more age appropriate.


Sunday, 19 July 2015

You can stand anything for ten seconds. Then you just start on another ten seconds

I reached a milestone last night without really knowing, 100 days ago I started one of those photo a day things on facebook, it was called the 100 day project and my tutor at college suggested we do it, doing a drawing or sketch or technique everyday and me and my friend were like yeah sure. She dropped it after a few days because she didn't really like it but I just kept going, each day just taking a photo or scan of work I'd done that day (or an old piece of work but keep it to yourselves) And it got surprisingly easy, sure there were times when the light was going or I couldn't get the right picture that I wanted and felt like giving up, and the time in Sweden where we were stuck in the outback with no wifi and my phone camera broke, but I just carried on. 

Here are all 100 drawings/some photographs of my 100 day project











I'm gonna leave with the quote I made for the end of the project which is about progressing without really thinking about it.

- 'Once you take on Monday there's only six more days till the end of the week, then you start on another week, then after a few more weeks you have a month, then after a few more months you've done a year without even knowing' -

All of the images are taken from my facebook which is why they're all slightly crappy quality