Friday, 3 July 2015

You are classifying your cassettes And hey you just can't share my mistakes

It occurred to me as I was writing a big long post that I haven't posted any journal entries in ages, which is madness because I have been really getting into it recently. So much so that I've finally started on cracking through my huge pile of bits of paper and magazine clippings that have been littering my desk with the intent of being collaged away.

doodles about tall girls +++ sailor moon

my fave youtubers and an old lady I saw who's coat matched the flowers she was holding +++ Laura Callaghan drawing + daughter lyrics.

making art +++ a kind of terrible watercolour of Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie

Rain rain +++ something about your phone buzzing from all the notifications when you get wifi

me me me +++ watercolours

A collage about my sassy fashion pals from foundation and some of out quotes +++ cards I collected from my art foundation show 

A collage about being flowery with real pressed flowers

Tavi Gevinson collage because I found an old interview with her in a magazine I was cutting up +++ my thoughts on finishing a project and not having the immediate feeling of lightness

Drawings from Sweden + Moderna Museet

More museum drawings + I figured out that me and Andy Warhol have quite a lot in common.
I'm also 100% sure he would love the Kardashians

Drawings in the photography museum about this guy Zorn who was a good painter but a spectacularly cute and kinda bad photographer. There were lots of blurry selfies.

Sad times +++ things I'm grateful for under the flowers

Blue Dazed Girls +++ more Moderna Museet drawings

I also combined a few snapchat videos into a very crappy video that shows you some of the things that I added to the journal after scanning in some of the pages.


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