Monday, 24 August 2015

Mine was entombed within boombox and walkman I was a hoarder but girl that was back then

I finally got it finished! I've been putting off completing this photo diary for the past week for three reasons -
no.1 to escape the pain and torture of trying to deal with our incredibly temperamental printer that wont accept the connection between any computer other than my mothers
no.2 the fear that I would muck it up and resent the whole thing
no.3 I've been in a state of fear that yes I'm actually moving away to uni in the second week of Septembers for weeks of freshers and new people and lot of alcohol.

But I finally got it done! It was actually quite fun and a relieving way to spend an afternoon or two just looking over my holiday snaps and collaging. It was also a huge relief to be working on something I actually wanted to do rather than for uni or thinking about the dreaded packing. 
I was inspired mostly by this photo diary I found on Rookie and I really like the idea of journaling through your holiday/week/month/whatever (even if I did this when I got back) it feels very satisfying to work through it so periodically. This diary is made of a lot of watercolours, fairly incomprehensible ramblings and notes and bits of paper I picked up over the few days I was in Edinburgh.

the flight up was very late on Friday night

Saturday our first day in Edingbrugh and my third time visiting the comedy festival there

Sunday a busy bee of a day

Monday the day I had to take some time for myself

a photo of me in the plant/phone booth and a better look at the page

Me in the phone box 

Tuesday and our last day in which we sandwiched in as much as possible

I'm also being a busy little bumble bee taking photos and moving forward with my zine Factory Girl - submissions are still open as at the moment I have yet to write anything so any text, poems or stories are very much appreciated


Friday, 14 August 2015

I took a photograph of you in the herbaceous border It broke the heart of men and flowers and girls and trees

I just got over my exhaustion from my holiday to Edinburgh for the comedy festival with my friends and have now entered a post Scotland slump, which includes listening solely to Belle and Sebastian on repeat and wishing I had got into Glasgow School of Art for my degree just so I could be close to the beautiful city. I'm planning to do a little photo diary/journal piece on Edingbrugh in the future with all the photos and little bits and bobs I picked up during the trip so that should be coming late but over the course of the trip I got really inspired and have hopefully (fingers crossed) got back into a productive excited making phase so I wanted to do a quick inspo post of the things that have resonated in my mind.

Hannah Murray and Emily Browning in God Help The Girl 
(there's going to be a lot of God Help The Girl even though I know it was set in Glasgow not Edinburgh but that feel of being quaint and quirky but not in an annoying way transcended over the country)

found on tumblr here

Mona Lisa and Jean Ralphio Pin Set by ArtHippy on Etsy

From Art Hippy's etsy shop

Andy Warhol + #skull

Andy Warhol's Polaroid

larameeee:  Picasso

God Help the Girl

God Help The Girl again

Co - Resort 2016 x

Too Much Sun patch from Rose Hound Apparel

From jelloadventures

Found on tumblr

Screencaps of Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me that I found on Tumblr which is on my end of the summer to-watch list.

Bobo from We Are The Best aka me on the bus from Edinburgh to Dalkieth where we were staying


Monday, 3 August 2015

Submissions Wanted! Factory Girl Zine

the work in progress scan of the cover!
I'm making a zine!! Well I'm in the process of making a zine! It's all very exciting and I'm kinda into how into it I am, if you get me. 

The zine is called Factory Girl, using everyone's art dad Andy Warhol as inspo, and focuses on the phenomenon of 'it girls'. I'm also looking at the idea of girls being on a production line, as almost everyone seems to think 'all girls are just the same' and how seemingly revolutionary it is for these 'it girls' to appear and 'break the mold'. 
I want to look into the history of 'it girls' and what links the women that society define as being 'so cool and different'. Think Alexa Chung and Edie Sedwick, winged eye liner and choppy hair, subdued yet underlying sexuality and wearing masculine clothing while still remaining acceptably feminine. Think 'she's not like other girls!', 'she's just like one of the boys!' and 'changing the face of fashion!' 
As you can see there's a deeper slightly darker misogynistic side to 'it girls' as we're told to love these 'different and original' girls and hate on the 'other girls'. Girl Hate is something I detest and is such a sickly idea and partly why I wanted to make this zine, hopefully we can turn some negativity into support for all girls everywhere, not just the 'it' ones. 

But this is where I need you!

*Insert uncle Sam picture lol*

While I love the making side to the zine, doing collages, little illustrations and the general layout and aesthetic of the zine, I need words! If you have any pieces of text you'd like to submit I would be over the moon (other content like photos or other artwork are also really appreciated as well!) Anything from essays to poems or even just a few sentences would be amazing! Otherwise it will just be my crappy writing in which I try and sound cool and intellectual but actually just sound boring with too many exclamation points!!!!

you can message me through my tumblr ask box (please not on anon otherwise I can't reply) or dm me on instagram if you're interested! You can always leave a comment on here if you don't have either social media and we'll work out a solution!
All submissions are welcome and of course I will give full credit so this could be a great chance to get published! The zine might make it into print depending on the number of pages but will probably be digital, i'm thinking of sending a small printed copy to those who submitted work so get it in fast! 
I don't have a deadline for when the zine will be finished, I'm hoping by the end of the summer depending how busy an august I have, but the quicker you get them in the quicker I can finish the zine!

I did some work in progress scans of my work to try and give an idea of the work going into the Zine and I'm going to try and make some templates to give an idea of the layout which will mean me struggling with the printer for hours, whoo!