Saturday, 10 January 2015

You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it

Quote by Paulo Coelho

This week has been crazy weird and horrible and stressful and cool and loads of other jumbled up stuff and feelings. I started back at my foundation course on Tuesday, it was weird seeing everyone again and feeling like it had been months since i last saw them, we've gotten into our specialism's now and I was already to show the work I did over Christmas break but our fashion tutor has left and been replaced which was weirder. The new tutor is super nice and focused on getting us where we need to go uni/career wise but its still weird having someone completely new teaching us. The whole week and getting back into the rhythm of 7am starts and hour long train journeys to and from uni and trying to get my head round a new project as well as thinking about portfolio's and applications has my head spinning. UCAS is also giving me grief, I tried to send off my application last night and it was sent back so I've been freaking out about it, I've managed to get it sent off but there's still this fear that its all gone wrong.

Everything has gotten a little too much for me and I've had this weird feeling around me, like I'm submerged by everything. All my dreams feel too real and I wake up and can't distinguish what's real and fake. I was watching 'Her' the other day and I felt myself getting swept up into this weird bizarre world. 

A page from my journal w/ watercolour drawings of how I feel.

More Journal pages ~ I finally finished my big yellow one which means all the sketchbooks I bought at the start of the year are filled and I could justify buying 5 more to fill.

The crazy perfect morning sky.

A lemonade I had while having a farewell lunch for my friend who's going to Australia for 9 months. The drink wasn't that interesting other than branch of mint poking out of the top

My gloomy bedroom with the really blue outside world which made me feel like I was under water.

The struggle of early morning wake ups vs pretty frost morning skies.

Post-ucas blue skinned alien girl selfie, tho seriously my skin matched the sky that day.



  1. Your journal is so pretty ! Love the use of color and lush bath bomb ghosts (?) are so cute. Your room is so cool, always wanted a window like that xx!

    1. Thanks you so much xxx I'm not really sure what the bath bomb things are, maybe they are ghosts?! xxx