Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Just the sounds of the snow crunching underneath your boots

Thank god for the aesthetically pleasing layout of Blogger

I took these photo's last year when the snow actually fell over South Wales long enough to have more than one day to appreciate it. I love snow and the first day I went walking through the parks and sledging with my friends and on the second day my parents and I went out to a field a few miles out of town where the snow was still pretty and unspoiled. These weren't even taken on my phone or my dslr just on my crappy digital camera that was never very good at focusing before. 

I did want to use one of these for the background for my blog but I was unable to upload it, I'll try again in a few days. 

I know it was literately minutes since my first post but I've had some ideas of things I wanted to post before starting the blog that didn't feel right posting on my tumblr. I have loads of photo sets and DIY's to post so hopefully they'll go up when I have a spare moment.


Well I suppose I should say hello

*peeks out from a corner* 


Well this is a frankly awful time to start a blog.
Today I had a five hour long art exam in which I spent the first few hours chiseling away into a tree trunk and making everyone in the art room, including myself, want to kill me. The rest of the day was spent not being able to see properly and trying to create the illusion of disease onto the tree with beads and sequins. 
I can't close my eyes without seeing iridescent sparkles.
I'm also only half focusing on this as I am also trying to complete a drama past paper for tomorrow and remind myself of the Textiles project that needs tweaking. 
While I hope I'll be more focused when I actually start making posts I'm trying to juggle like a thousand and one things at the moment. 

See, probably the worst time to start a blog. 

I thought I would do a little introduction to me as I feel anyone reading this would just see me complaining for a bit and never return. 

So the facts are these.
My name is Rosie 
At this point in time I am 18 and a bit years old.
I live in South Wales, very close to Cardiff.
Currently I'm finishing my last year of A Level, my last year of high school, and I'm studying Textiles, Art, Drama and the Welsh Baccalaureate 
My first and only language is English as I live in an area populated with a lot of middle class English people.
Both sides of my family are originally from Wales but my mum grew up in Scotland.
My main interests are fashion, art, textiles, photography, films, sewing, vintage and retro clothing and music, feeling nostalgic, girl power, imagining film story lines, indie music and filling in journals. 
My personal style is a mix of fashion/art student, hipster who is way to obsessed with the 90's and a twelve year old boy, I empathize with Jenna Marbles' song '3 looks' too much.
There are three cats in my house and while I love them all, Violet was given to me for my 7th birthday and I do love her the most, she's sitting next to me right now and she is too adorable for her own good. 
I have a thing for cool and cute DIY's and defiantly want to put some up on here. 
I think the main theme's of my blog will be a mix of fashion, art, diy's and films with updates of my life.
I'm not overly bothered with followers and things like that, obviously I'd love to hear your opinions and everything but I do feel that blogs should be what you want post rather than what you think your followers want to read. 
Sorry if that sounded super selfish it really wasn't intended that way