Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Just the sounds of the snow crunching underneath your boots

Thank god for the aesthetically pleasing layout of Blogger

I took these photo's last year when the snow actually fell over South Wales long enough to have more than one day to appreciate it. I love snow and the first day I went walking through the parks and sledging with my friends and on the second day my parents and I went out to a field a few miles out of town where the snow was still pretty and unspoiled. These weren't even taken on my phone or my dslr just on my crappy digital camera that was never very good at focusing before. 

I did want to use one of these for the background for my blog but I was unable to upload it, I'll try again in a few days. 

I know it was literately minutes since my first post but I've had some ideas of things I wanted to post before starting the blog that didn't feel right posting on my tumblr. I have loads of photo sets and DIY's to post so hopefully they'll go up when I have a spare moment.


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