Thursday, 1 May 2014

Things I like that are sitting at the back of my mind

I thought I would post about some of the things that I've been enjoying recently.
 I don't want to say I'm obsessing over them as I feel like I don't really have the energy to obsess over anything at this point in time. It's just the little things that have been making my fairly boring life a little more interesting in between the coursework deadlines, revision and general stress of leaving school. 

1. Oversized Men's Clothing 
I'm not exactly a big wearer of men's clothing, I'm a little too girlie to suit the androgynous look although I think its such a super cool trend, I'm including it on the list as I have recently come into owner ship of several men's t-shirts and jackets. None of are a size small or necessarily fit me well but they are all adorable and I feel like a 90's teen who's borrowed her boyfriends clothes. Obvs this is not me. Like seriously who would date me?

An cutie pie grandpa probably wore this while gardening or making lemonade or something, now it's mine after my friends bought it from a second hand shop for my birthday. I instagramed a picture of it in the charity shop lamenting the lack of money I had at that time and they bought it in secret being the little cuties they are.

This is my dad's old jacket he bought in Istanbul in the eighties when he went traveling, it is literally huge and I've had to roll up the sleeves to be able to wear it. It reminds me of the pants Will Smith wore circa. Fresh Prince era. 

Photo from tiffchis

A girl never forgets her first plaid shirt. I bought this shirt from Hobo's the hipster cheap vintage shop in Cardiff after getting accepted into the art foundation course I really want to go on next year. I actually really love Hobo's, the clothes are really cute and not as expensive as some of the prices in vintage stores, the people are really nice and will chat to you about anything and the music is actual nice shopping music rather than club music they flood through the speakers while you're trying to casually browse. Looking at you Topshop. The shirt itself is adorable too, its so cute and the cuffs fall over my hands in the nice and not annoying way and the sleeves are like pirate billowing in the wind. 

2. T shirt DIY's 

I may have accidentally bought a six pack of white t shirts for DIYing and I'm so excited about them because I can finally let free the t shirt ideas that have been up in my mind for ages.

This Celine Dion top is a parody of the Celine tops that have been circling the internet for ages. I put this up on instagram and had like four Celine Dion fan acounts liking it and a friend asking me if I was actually a fan of her work. While I have nothing against Miss Dion this was just a joke.

This was a DIY I found on a blog I follow, the tutorial's here, its so super cute and I'm really digging crystals and stuff, I want to try making a crystal pendant necklace to go with the shirt. It looks pretty creased cause I wore it out to a meal before taking photos which looking back was a mistake.

3. Twin Peaks

My screencap
I started the show a few months ago when I didn't have hundreds of things to do all at once and I've recently got back into it. Its just so crazy and fabulous and it makes me question everything that happens, most of all it makes me think which is what I and theatre director Bertolt Brecht belive, that performances should make you think. 
I'm not hugely far into the series, about halfway through series one and I just love the dynamic and pace of it, how it just throws something crazy at you without warning and the visuals.
Oh god the visuals.
Why cant TV shows have that same amazing aesthetic without sacrificing good acting and story lines?

Photo from Tumblr source unknown
4. Haley Blais

Photo from

Specifically the song Virginia, which is getting its own music video and I'm freaking out over because I know it's going to be breathtakingly beautiful. 
Haley Blais is a singer and Youtuber and I watch her videos and read her blog post's like everyday, she's just too funny and cute and cool and I want her to be my best friend.

Links to her Youtube and Blog

5. Drawing in Journals

So recently I found an old clean journal that was in my camera bag and I was supposedly going to make notes on my photos in but never did. Anyway I thought that this was the perfect time to start making a journal of little doodles and collages, I've tried several times to make a diary and it never really worked out so I thought this time I would just do drawings and scribbles of stuff that interested me. The first few pages are a bit too tumblr/weheartit and I kind of regret doing them because its so much more interesting after that.

It's so tiny! I can fit it in my pocket and take it round town with me.
The receipt was just gonna have the drawing of the girls hair on it, but then it went all super crazy when I got some hair spray on it and I really don't know how.
Another recipt, this time i got some nail polish on it late at night and in the morning it looked psychedelicy. Psychedelicy, yeah that's definitely not a word. 
The really popular picture from Moonrise Kingdom that I see all the time on Tumblr and a page from Rookie Yearbook
Another Rookie yearbook drawing and a collage of model faces, the little list of pictures they give you when you get photos developed and another receipt. I'm noticing a theme of receipts here 
And the lyrics to Haley Blais' Song Virginia written over a photo I took in the Ljubljana Modern Art Gallery during my trip to Solvenia. I wanted it to be really cute and tumblr stylez but my handwriting's too rubbish for that.

Well that's a really long list of things I like, well done if you made it to the end, treat yourself to a biscuit if there are some lying around.
Don't eat them if they're on the floor though, that's unhygienic.


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