Sunday, 4 May 2014

Feelin' Witchy

I've been ill for the last few days and so I've been experimenting with different pajama combinations, and as it is summer my vintage silk dressing gown can have its day.
I also washed my hair with conditioner for the first time in ages and de-tangled it while in the shower, I know brushing it while its wet! The pinterest community will ostracize me but seriously the only way I can tame my mane is when it's wet so stop with your judging eyes. 
So intense. So emotional. So much focus being stolen by our purple bath.
The reason I'm doing the weird hand thing is because I have no front camera on my phone and so I have to get creative when taking selfies. Seriously, those non front camera souls should get extra selfie points for the pains we have to suffer through
I should have put a little cauldron infront of the picture cause I feel like I'm casting some nasty spells
Me and Lorde....Coven Sisters?...Amarite?!
So today was defiantly a selfie day, I got a lot of revision done yesterday, resisting the lure of the internet and social media, but today has been a complete flop. I plan to get some course work done tonight when my favorite radio show comes on but it's not been a productive day.


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