Thursday, 22 May 2014

Last day ever

So it's almost over!
Today was my last proper day of sixth form, the last day with lessons anyway. 
Only the farewell assembly tomorrow, days in for revision and my exams before I never have to return to that place again. 

I've been having mixed feelings about school recently, I'm not a particularly preppy high school student and my school pride is near to none. I think the main problem I have with my school is all the fuss and drama that comes with it, the uniform policies, the obsession with getting kids shipped off to Oxford and Cambridge, the whole politics about the head boys/girls and prefects, having to put up with really unpleasant people who dont ever get put in their place because they are on the rugby team or the senior team. 

I'll defiantly miss a lot of my teachers, we had a bit of a sob fest when we said goodbye to our Drama teacher of two years, she wrote a poem about us and gave us a ruler each as a present, an inside joke. I'll miss my lessons and some of the staff, cleaners and cooks who have been nice to us bratty kids over the last few years. It sounds really materialistic but I'll miss the textiles room and the huge amount of equipment we had, the mac books, Photoshop and that embroidery machine. Wow.

In all honesty I'm glad to see this portion of my life behind me, I dont think I'll ever be one of those people who tell you that 'school was the best time of their life'. I will admit that there's a strong chance of me getting teary eyed at the assembly tomorrow but that's probably just because I'm feeling pretty emotional at the moment. 

but here's me sitting in my leavers sweatshirt looking fly

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