Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Revision is slowly killing my brain cells

Well my textiles resit exam is Wednesday and I've spent the whole weekend and all of today revising and doing past papers and it's killing me. I've spent too long in the confines of my house and school my mum had to take me to Ikea for lunch today to stop me from going crazy. 
(The chickpea biryani is lush btws)

I did manage to leave the house on Saturday for the greatness night of the year....

Obviously I'm talking about Eurovision. It is seriously the best thing ever, Rookie should so do an article about it it's that good, and last year my friends and I went and watched it at a parent free household. This year, as all of us are adults and very grown up, we begged for a parent free household and we all had a lot of the alcohol. 
Ooh look at the cool kids with their Eurovision party and chocolate liqueur that someone's dad gave them. 

It's also tradition to dress as one of the countries participating, or just one of the countries in my case last year, the Czech Republic had a supporter with nothing to support.  
I was Iceland because I saw a picture of them at the awards show and they were all wearing colour coordinated block colour dresses witch is hard look to pull off.

We never really put a huge amount of effort into the costumes, I just wore a flower crown, my fake fur jacket and sunglasses with ice cube drawings stuck on the sides, which were cute but I don't have a photo of and now they've wandered off. 

Here's me looking cute in my bathroom again
I wore the flower crown because I saw a picture of Icelandic national dress and one of the girls wore flowers and just thought, why not?
Probably the worst ootd photo ever, I really need to clean that mirror. I'm wearing A topshop black crop top, which is literally the only thing I wear now, and a River Island pinafore dress.
Fancy picture of me taking a selfie. 
Eurovision was the best and I'm so glad Conchita won, the whole theme of the evening was about equality and loving each other and its incredible to see acts like Conchita win over Poland's creepy milk churning entry. 


P.S. I started this post in the evening but got too tired to finish it and started again in the morning, that's why the timing's a little off.

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