Saturday, 3 May 2014

Photos I've kept in my picture folder on my computer for ages

I was looking through my pictures library on my computer and found those pictures that I have no idea why I thought it was important to save them but they're all quite cool

School Children - Source Rookie
This is adorable and I think I remember it being one of the first colour photos
Alia Shawkat in the Teen Witch Parody - source Tumblr
 I think I remember going through a Teen Witch phase after watching the film a few months back
My screen cap of Bill Murray in Moonrise Kingdom
I just love everything about this shot
A still from Watson and Oliver - Source Tumblr
This was my tumblr profile pic for a while because it made it look like I was really shocked by everything posted
This fashion gorgeous shot - Source Tumblr
I did a water colour of this for my art portfolio to add in some more fashion drawings
This pretty picture of the sea - Source Rookiemag I think
I just love the colour and atmosphere and the birds look so cute
A shot of me back when I did a modeling course - Source Facebook
My Jaw is on full moon mode but I love this photo still
Cute art of Deers - Source Tumblr I think
I love cute deer stuff and these are adorable and I want this as a print somewhere.

This cute sign - Source Tumblr
I made this into a pretty awful stencil a while back, the stencil itself was fine but i messed up with the colour.

I'm also recovering from the mood I was in yesterday, the stress of finishing school, two more weeks, and exams, I have one in two weeks, had secretly over come me and then the camera on my phone broke and I got mad and stupid and acted like a spoilt brat and threw it out of anger and smashed the screen. 

I don't suggest ever doing this to anything electronic as now I have some ugly cracks and gross black slugs on the screen. Luckily my brother says he'll put in a new screen for me and hopefully will only be £25 which is great.


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