Friday, 27 March 2015

Oh that's an ending that I can't write, 'cause I've got you to let me down.

'The phenomenon of "weightlessness" occurs when there is no force of support on your body. When your body is effectively in "free fall", accelerating downward at the acceleration of gravity, then you are not being supported.'

~ from hyperphysics ~

I'm tired.
I'm sorry.

It's the first day of easter holidays/spring break and I really need the break. I've been working really hard at uni, final major project has begun and I legit did nothing in the first week so I'm trying to catch up, I've also been out every-night this week, stumbling back by 11 o'clock to try and take off my makeup. The quote above kinda describes how I feel recently, just not really feeling like I'm here at the moment, I'm constantly on the move, going from my bed to uni to home then out in the evening then back to bed for a few hours before it all starts again. I don't really feel like I'm making any impact on the world at the moment, as weird and self absorbed as that sounds. 

I believe very strongly in the power of marshmallows and treating yourself to little things.

~ list of small treats ~ 

1. savory biscuits 
2. brand new socks
3. heart shaped marshmallows
4. drawing yourself 
5. buying singles from the charity shop

Black and white drawings of beautiful people on the train and from last night where I wore all black ereythang

Outfits I'm excited to wear this summer +++ fashion doodles and pretty to do list

'screw you all I am the embodiment of every flower emoji'

I put this on tumblr and got my first anon love after having tumblr for nearly three years

Movie inspiration

~ lists of cute movies ~

1. drive me crazy
2. when harry met sally
3. submarine 
4. obvious child
5. heathers (for anti cute reasons)

Its kinda sad how badly water colour scans because these pages are so cute in real life.

80's sitcom dad looks and a photo Eva took of me using her film camera

I was feeling the selfies that day 

I realized there was a security mirror in the charity shop

 doing the american apparel one leg out pose while trying on turtle necks in the charity shop

 It was the solar eclipse last week and I was taking my cat to the vet while it happened so i couldn't get a proper photo but I did get one of the sky which looked supper spooky

Resemblance to the profiteroles I ate is uncanny

things I've been watching

1. Criterion Collection - basically all these directors go through this old film archive and pick their favourite films and it's just nice to watch people be enthusiastic about what they love. My favourite video is a tie between Richard Ayoade and Edgar Wright who are two directors I love.

2. Old Film Trailers - I'm one of those people who will happily dedicate an hour to watching film trailers on youtube and then never go see the film when they come out. But recently I've been watching pre 2000's film trailers, especially 90's and 60's trailers as they're more widely available. I'm not quite sure why but I'm just really interested in how trailers used to be, I'm not necessarily saying they're better, but they choose to provide different information.

3. Every Frame A Painting - You can probably tell I'm having a film moment. Every Frame A Painting is a youtube channel that dissect films and directors in a really technical way and picks up all the details that make the film great, or in some cases not so great. It's refreshing to see someone review a film without just saying whether they liked it or not. 

4. Now Is Good - I watched this film last night and cried myself to sleep, not because it was scary or gratuitously sad or anything. It's just because I'd not really connected to a film like that before, save for maybe Donnie Darko. God, this film is so beautiful, I don't mention it a lot but I had a long term illness a few years back and Dakota Fanning, who plays the lead was the first time I'd seen a character with long term illness have any drive and direction rather than just coughing every so often. While the film is show as a love story it's more of a story about Tessa's relationships with the rest of her world, her wild best friend, her heartbroken dad, her distant mum, trying doctors, slightly oblivious younger brother and the boy next door. 
Just to say if you do watch the film, and you should, you will be crying for the last twenty minutes. Get the tissues ready.

5. No Frills Twins - what to say about the No Frills Twins. Two mad awesome twins from Australia who sing, dance, wear awesome thrift shop clothes, make short movies, have hd brows and super long hair? I'm wouldn't say I love them, I just find their lives super interesting, just the way they act and behave, it's in the same way I sometimes watch Kardashian interviews or films about drug dealers. While they're awesome they are kinda problematic, someone needs to sit them down and talk about cultural appropriation, very stereotypical geshia costumes and the n word from very white teenagers isn't cool.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Blondie on Print

Hello Superstars

hope the world has been treating you kidly I've been feeling very spiritual recently but not really inspired at all, there's a weird change in the air. Spring fever has hit hard. I've just sort of existed recently, like I'm not making an impact or moving on. Although it sounds lame I've not really been interested in writing for this but have? Like I want to show amazing journal posts or outfit photos or playlist or just have posts exist without me having to write them. It's really lame but I'm kinda breaking through it.

An Experiment in Contrast
or i was bored at the train-station

I've been dreaming of this outfit for nearly a year since I saw it on tumblr
Even though I haven't quite got it, I'm already in the transition to summer and this was a winter look, I still felt the swishy long camel coat against mom jeans on the cobbled street feel.
Maybe when winter comes round again, or the freak cold part of march that always happens in Wales, I'll recreate this look properly. 
Also ignore the pink socks and gross muddy trainers.

Outfit - diy crystal pendant - topshop croptop - thrifted camel coat - thrifted mom jeans originally m+s

Today I got the chance to use the printing room at uni and do some screen printing, despite it being kinda awkward, there was only three of us and it was taught by the really awkward print guy, it was super fun and I love the print I made. I got a photograph of my hero Debbie Harry at her ultimate peroxide-camp-funtime-goddess peak and printed it onto acetate and chose the shocking pink because I'm into obnoxious coloured art and nothing else. I think I'm gonna bring in a t-shirt some time next week and do one on a shirt cause that would be cool.

I really wanted to have a playlist ready but I had no real idea or theme so I thought I'd just add in some aesthetic videos/songs that match my mood


cute songs + well directed short films about teenagers by teenagers +  cute levi's advert

I'm going to reduce the stress of my interview tomorrow by scanning in journal pages + making crappy photo shop edits which I know everyone loves.


Tuesday, 3 March 2015

I'm at a low at the moment so I wanted to share some of the art I've been doing journal wise, art that doesn't involve uni or applications or stress. Its all a bit muggy and confusing but it is probably the most personal thing at the moment.

I've been looking through my computer for old photos and started editing them in a weird way, this one got a little fucked up but I still like it.

There's something really magical about white writing on photos, preferably w/ sparkles.

I wanted to mention I do eat and don't promote not eating, it was just more of the mental state that I felt I couldn't eat. Confusing like I said.

I scanned in one of my drawings and made them into a neat little print.

I spent all day drawing and watching music videos.


Life drawing from uni.

A page about my hair + dancing alone but in a good way + dressing like a 1970s tv detective.

I finally managed to find ghost world in my libary and read through it in about a day because it is so addictive. I loved style of illustration and general story line, even if I was a little confused because its kinda different from the film which I watched first, although some scenes are perfectly lifted from the book, mostly the weird al scene. Featured here are copies from the book/ drawings of people from instagram in ghost world style.

Coffee date with myself on Saint Davids day // spent doodling people eating weirdly.

Another comic book* I've started reading is 'Baby in Black' about Astrid Kirchherr who was one of the first to photograph the Beatles and who was the great love of Stuart Sutcliffe. It's the cutest little book ever and makes me want to be a 1950s beatnik and fall in love with a Beatles in a dingy club. 

*it's a book. of comics. its a comic book

 More prints

Sweet Dreams Thunderchild