Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Hoosiers, Godzilla and Revision Woes

Well it's been a busy few days

On Sunday me and my friends were missing each other so we met up and went to go see the new Godzilla movie, I'm not going to do a whole in depth review of it, unless anyone wants me to, because it was just a really fun film. I will mention that they managed to reference the original film in a sweet nostalgic sense rather than just kinda throwing in a scene to try and keep fans happy like some other reboot films.

I did think going in before hand that I might not fall for Aaron Taylor Johnson again, seeing his mustache in Anna Karenina lessened the crush slightly, but seeing him again brought those Angus-Thongs-and-Perfect-Snogging-Feelings back in full force.

Just look at him, tell me you dont feel the same
And then on Tuesday I went with two of my friends to go and see The Hoosiers in Cardiff. I was so excited and I'm so glad I went, I've been obsessed with them since I was 12 and they were so nice and it was one of those really intimate gigs, Irwin and some of the band even jumped into the audience during some of the songs, I got into a kinda group hug with Alphonso after some dude behind me brought us all into a group hug. I even stood next to Irwin at one point but I was embarrassingly star struck and didn't do anything. They played some of their best songs and did and acoustic version of Choices which is my favorite song they've done.

I didn't get any great pictures as I was on my crappy digital camera and my phone but I managed to get some vaguely focused pictures of the night. 
Irwin and his fabulous guitar
A surprisingly good picture with Alphonzo in the background
Irwin and Son of Jack who was an impromptu supporting act
The ever cool Sam who played both keyboard and trumpet
It was a great gig, there were a few to many support acts, four was a bit too much, especially since we were only expecting one. Ariana And The Rose were my favorite, their song heartbeat was so fun, they were kinda pop rock in the good way and literally everyone in their band was stunningly hot, I even got a picture with the keyboard player who was one of those people who you just thank the world they exist. I would put it up but it was taken on my friends phone. 

After all that excitement I've kinda been slacking on revision. I know, its awful to start wining about how bad it is but it's just so boring. Because I studied most of the textiles revision for my resit I'm not really struggling as much as I was before with the content, its just finding the energy and motivation to do the past papers. I have less than a week till the textiles exam and I'm just so bored doing these dull endless questions, despite those type of long questions being my strong suit. I'm going to ask my friend round for a revision session to get me a little bit more active. 


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