Thursday, 12 November 2015

I always flirt with death

I had an extremely rare free moment one weekend and decided to get a move on with Factory Girl and try and piece together some of the pages and move into making it a readable zine rather than just pages floating about in a document on my computer. 
There is still time to submit and I'm really looking for more pieces of photography and written work as well as poems and illustration. I keep forgetting to mention but while it's Factory Girl it is non-gender specific and anyone can submit!
You can leave a comment below, contact me through my tumblr or dm on twitter or instagram if you're interested!



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  2. oh my god, your blog title is amazing! it's like a vortex - it sort of just sucked me into reading the above post. I love the collage from crack magazine. I'm actually kind of interested in submitting some poetry over to you - my blog is called . If you look through the 'categories' tab, you'll find some of my poems. thanks for your time!

    1. that would be amazing!! I'll have a look through now xxx