Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas in London once again

I went visit a friend in London two weeks ago and also to do a short course in CSM which was fun in the most tiring way. I've just been tired recently.
I want to see people and do things but when I get round to it it makes me feel rough.
I just want to sleep and eat and watch films to recharge but even that takes it out of me.
Christmas was uneventful but pretty and I've been documenting it on a disposable camera for fun and it feels nice to just take a step back and take photos and not be so involved. 
I'm also 99% done with factory girl and just hoping against hope that it will work properly when published.

Walking through Kings Cross station and the wooky wavy coloured wall

Outside CSM with their christmas themed fountain lights.

Monday night we went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park to watch the festivities, eat greasy food and look at the premium quality tat they sell.

This was the ferris wheel we thought would be a hilarious ride and good photo op but ended up being a terrifying nightmare ride of listening to Adele's Hello on repeat as we thought we were gonna die.

Photo's I found in the library that I loved

Small section of my draping project with my family knot technique that I don't reveal for love nor money (well maybe money)

Sneaky photo of the libary which was my favourite place after I saw a student knitting silently in the window seat whilst pretending to read.

My temporary studio space where I could look down onto lectures taking place and up onto the roof which had a 1950s retro space ship house on there because its an art school why not?

My last day and another photo of Kings Cross wavey tunnel with no people this time

On our last day we visited the V&A to see the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain Exhibition which was exciting but honestly not the best exhibition I've seen there, it did inform me that David Lynch and Christian Louboutin collaborated on a shoe collection together which is wonderfully perverse (pictured below)


My parents came to pick me up on the Saturday morning and we visited the V&A again so my mum could see the Fabric of India Exhibition which was fantastic and my dad got to see his favourite exhibition which was the glass staircase in the glass room.

This very film grainy like photo I took of South Ken while we waited for the V&A to open.

I do have more photos but I want to spread out the posts, considering I haven't done posted anything in over a month, and I also want to do another photo diary because its pretty therapeutic for me and is something that helps me creatively if that makes sense?



  1. These pictures are beautiful, as always. I miss London, and want to go back so badly. Hope 2016 is filled with so many more killer adventures for you, Rosie, sending you all the love for the new year! X

    1. Thank you Victory!! xxx hope you have a good year, sending good vibes and positive thoughts