Sunday, 15 February 2015

Gyallantines + Northern Soul

Happy Valentines Day!

Or not, depending on your thoughts on the matter. I don't really have any strong thoughts on the holiday as I've never had a valentines (don't cry for me Argentina its alright) it was never a big thing to me and isn't really now. While I don't have a SO in my life I do have this skirt, which is much cuter than any dude could be. I got it in Amsterdam from Episodes, which I'm still obsessed with, for €17 which is like £12 which is ridic because its almost the same as the American Apparel cheerleader skirts but better and less than half the price.
And it vintage and an old timey actual cheerleader probably wore it to practice or under the bleachers.

(What are bleachers? I have no idea I just like the sound of being under one)

My shirt is my Celine Dion (lol) diy shirt and I wore my denim jacket with it as well which made me feel really tumblr. 

I also spent Valentines with two Lancaster in gigantic trousers doing high kicks in youth club dance hauls to the sounds of Northern Soul and taking amphetamines and injecting speed in the bathrooms.

In other words I watched Northern Soul at the arts house with my dad and like three other people in the cinema which was such a cool awesome makes-you-wanna-dance-in-parks-at-midnight kinda film.

Which are the best

Also Antonia Thomas, who is my favorite everything has like the best style in the film, she rocks ankle length 1950s style dresses on the dance floor and halter neck everythings. 

I also made a list of the songs I listened to on Valentines day that don't make me think about love or relationships or heart shaped cookies or flower bouquets that seem to be everywhere at the moment.
Its sort of a 'nah I'm not bothered, I'd rather party on' to anyone who gives you pity because your alone on valentines.


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