Monday, 15 December 2014

Christmas come but once a year so why not look your super cutest?

A time old question.
What to wear on Christmas day?

I've tried to stay away from lazing about in pj's all day, that just leads to feeling tired and awkward photos, so I've been thinking about outfit possibilities, and as always I turn to 90's movie icons.
I'm thinking mini kilt/tartan skirt, I have a short flippy Primark one and a longer calf length vintage one that I could wear if I don't eat anything, because yeah, that's going to happen. I may go out and try and thrift one at the charity shop if I can find one.
 Its always going to be worn with tights + cute socks, because I live in the perpetual gloom of South Wales, and either a black turtle neck or my topshop crop top, because that thing is seeing me to my grave.

While Cher Horowitz will always be the queen of plaid mini kilt + matching print blazer, credit should be share with some more of Alicia Silverstone lesser known movies.

Above and below are from the 1996 film True Crime.

Even her in the super cheesy Batman and Robin, where she plays a kick ass, but totally not comic compliant, Batgirl, but that fell on the kinda shitty writing rather than her. While I can't find a full picture of this outfit you can imagine the amazing school girl kilt that went with that killer tie. Yeah I think we were all had heart eyes like Chris O'Donnell during this scene. 


Liv Tyler in Empire Records, like who would not put her on the list, I love the fuzzy crop top + combat boots. Also shout out to the clogs Zellweger is rocking, I still love you, even after the whole surgery shit. Her face is her face. Leave it.

 Also another shout out to Robin Tunney for making the ultimate grunge look, also for looking forever young. Like seriously this was like 20 years ago and she looks the exact same.
~ More modern inspo ~

I couldnt find the magazine but the model is Kitty Riddell

Saint Laurent glitter mini kilt
I'm obsessed

Also a super cute diy by Dietblond on how to recreate it.


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