Thursday, 4 December 2014

'The ocean is six miles deep' ~ 'Good' ~ Submarine 2010

A few days/weeks/I-cant-remembers ago I posted some photos I took for my photography course, these are some scans of the photos I took on my Pentax, they're really beautiful and tie in the whole nostalgic, film like feel of the project but the colouring and quality doesn't fit with the overall look of the other images I took on my digital camera. 

I chose the quote from the film Submarine as I'm pretty sure this beach was featured in the film, at least parts of the town was. There's a big theme of sea and walking along beaches in the film and the grainy quality of the images matched the 1970's era. 

~*~*~ Update ~*~*~ 

After posting this I got in touch with The Invisible Kids Collective x about featuring in their upcoming issue as their deadline for submission had been extended (and there is still time to submit if you want to join me!) They were super nice and showed some of my work on their instagram page and I was totally freaking until my phone died two seconds later. I'm so happy and I think this is me getting more confident about showing my work as I didn't feel nervous at all. 

I also sent off some scans to Rookie which I'm a little more nervous about, considering the amount of submissions they must get, which is probably in the range of numbers I can't count to.


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