Sunday, 17 May 2015

Because I'm out my depth now, you can't leave me all alone in this bed

Oh life. It's been a rushed week.
I have my kinda deadline for art foundation on Thursday and dont really have any motivation to do anything but laze about listening to Joni Mitchell and do very un-needed internet shopping. The most productive I've been was booking the tickets for a girls holiday up to Edinburgh in August. 
So kind of productive?

I dont really have enough of anything - photos/journal entries/outfit pictures - to do a proper post so here's another awkward photo diary of the last week

My Kanken arrived! I bought it off someone on instagram last week and its so cute and purple! Now I finally have a backpack big enough to actually fit all of my crap into it.
Roll on the holidays and carting round far too many cameras and sketchbooks!

Seeds + fruit! Yay for eating better and actually sticking to it! 

Yesterday I decided it would be better to curl my hair than even open up my sketchbook

 Playing with the rainbow in my bathroom

As is tradition for early Sunday mornings me and mum went down to the carboot sale and tried to scope out things I'd need when I move out. While we couldn't really find anything I did buy a brand new, still had the label topshop dress and managed to resist buying all the lovely film camera's they were selling, instead buying a much more useful light meter, now I can actually try and use the right aperture rather than just leaving it on the brightest setting.


Everywhere I look I've been seeing plants and trees and feeling very green and happy.
Like a little pot plant.

Ying Yang beans
(I'm not sure if its the actual name or just what my mum calls them)

Sorry for the lack of anything that could be classified as interesting content.
Once I'm finished with this deadline I'll be able to properly focus.



  1. God, that feeling of knowing you should do something productive but it's far easier to just lie around listening to music! (And in my case, reading a bunch of fanfiction.) I love that rainbow :) xoxo

    1. holy hell its so much easier to crawl into bed and read fanfiction on your phone! especially if its gloomy and you convince yourself its too cold to do anything