Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Please give those recycled house tracks my warmest regards

Today was pretty crazy and pretty awful and pretty great. We had cereal day today in uni for the hell of it and watched Dior and I which features the babein Raf Simmons who I love so much I wrote an essay about. All of that was really fun but then I got all stressed about the amount of time I had until my deadline and usually I have most of the space of the back table in the Fashion room but everyone was in, which isn't really their fault, but I felt all squished and unproductive. But then I met up with my friends while waiting for the train and we decided we had to go get pizza and dough-balls, which were delicious and put me in such a smiley good mood. Now I'm sat in my bed listening to Beastie Boys and planning stuff to do on my family trip to Sweden.

Drawing of Arvida Bystrom and the socks I bought from AA + the booklet from a kinda boring exhibition that I didn't get

Masking tape + colour + legz

artist/designer research for my uni project

Scans of the drawings/playing cards ??? that I did on the back of cereal boxes

more Laura Callaghan inspired stuff + Buuski inspired stuff + my first onscreen style icon the wonderful Rebecca Epstein from Starter For Ten who is the ultimate 90s Jewish collegiate riot girl

I also got scanner happy and scanned in some of the dried flowers that I put in my flower press last summer and forgot about until last night. I wanna do something creative with them because they're so beautiful.

I have also been really inspired by stuff lately, mostly two things. 
1. Ines' utterly wonderful zine heartbreak nation
2. Willow Smith's cover of Easy Easy

I kinda really want to make a zine now, like I have no idea how or what or why but I might try and make a few page layouts and cute drawings. But as you can probably tell, I'm pants at writing so I'm on the lookout for fabulous writers who might like to contribute anything? Otherwise it will be me and my bad spelling and overuse of the ~ ~ ~ ~ 


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  1. I love that drawing of the two girls, especially the one with blue hair! "Somewhere nowhere" really kind of sums up how I'm feeling right now. xoxo