Thursday, 7 May 2015

Foot on the pedal never ever false metal

I've never been one to like black and white photography, while obviously I appreciate photography regardless of medium I kind of hate when people just put a photo in black and white for the sake of it. Maybe it's just my love of colour or lack of minimalism that stops me from using black and white a lot. Until my mum bought me some rolls of black and white film, I'd run out of colour and after a fairly disastrous set of colour prints, that were all too dark, I decided I'd try out black and white for a change. 

Me and my Grandma on christmas day - squinting in the sun while clashing skirt/coat/scarf

I was told this was too creepy which I love

I can remember this being one of the first photos I took

I kind of love how weird this is, just because it was mad and wooky that day

Where would I be if I didn't include a picture of my cat

Also after receiving a lil zine in the letter from my penpal I've decided I'm going to make one sometime in the future, after my deadline for my final major project, 14 days guys! Once again if you'd like to submit anything you're more than welcome to!


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  1. I love the second photo! I always think black and white is a really interesting choice in photo composition :) xoxo