Thursday, 11 August 2016

The End Of Show

A sketchbook roundup of the first half of the summer 


Listening: any Motown song, my favourite Loco in Acapulco by the Four Tops because that song wakes me up so good, as well as re listening to David Bowie, I love the transitions in mood and style between each album.

Watching: The Shinning, yep this is the first time I've watched that classic, while it didn't really scare me as much as make me laugh a little although I loved the style and visuals of the film, as well as catching all the references other films and tv shows have taken from it, i.e. the snow covered maze they used in Scream Queens.

Reading: Fashionable Selby the most innovative fashion book i've read in so long, it's basically a series of conversations between photographer Selby and the various designers, illustrators, interior designers ect in the form of intimate photographs and written out interviews

Eating: leftover Chinese that I bought last night which turns out was like 70% beansprouts which i am 100% okay with. Jesus I love beansprouts.


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