Monday, 1 February 2016

Gowns lovely made out of lace and all the things that you do to your face

We had a scheduled uni trip to London to visit the fabric shops and as usual I didn't really put much thought into focusing on what was going on around me and didn't realise until halfway through the day I should have taken notes and maybe chose fabric samples slightly more strategically than just what I thought was pretty. Me and my friend snuck off a lot, to go shopping or see cool places and so here are the collection of two fashion girls cutting class.

We were told we'd have to research topshop for an upcoming project and I don't exactly rate Topshop so we ran off to Beyond Retro, I bought a jumper that I have so many DIY plans for, and the wonderful world of Monki, see Zoe on the rainbow staircase that reminded me of when  Dorothy first steps into wonderland.

A flower vending machine in the underground station that made me so happy

Once again we ran off, to the Tate this time to try and find some culture and inspiration.

Potato art?

This instillation was made from car bumpers and human hair, which I absaloutly adore and wish they'd asked me first because this literally looks like my shower after I was my hair.

A little traveling on the tube playlist as I did a lot of this

Tube Tunes

1. Coffee - Sylvan Esso
2. Textile Baby- Sample Answer
3. Sign On - Ratboy
4.Whatever Happened - The Strokes
5.Crimson And Clover - Joan Jett



  1. Ergh totally feel you on the shower front!! Also, which station was the flower vending machine at??? Am doing a photo walk around London on Saturday and would definitely be a place to head to :)

    1. I think it was at euston station?? But i've a strong feeling it was the one closest to the tate, it was super adorable though

  2. That flower vending machine is the coolest thing ever! I so wish we had those were I lived :p


    1. it's so cute and weirdly romantic?? like I wish I had one in my room