Saturday, 6 February 2016

Turning my heartbeat up

I've been fairly slow on the film front since I've come to uni, I'm not sure what it is but I haven't felt the urge to take so many photos aside from on my phone, wednesday was the first time I'd even used my digital camera since moving. I really dont know why, I just dont think to bring my camera with me on trips like I used to, which is mad considering how beautiful I find the city and how much I love to take photos on nights out. 

Over christmas I even forgot to take a camera back with me to document the holiday which I've done for a few years now. I had to buy a little disposable one which was actually a god send as I was far less precious with it and brought it everywhere with me. I got the same rush as I used to getting them developed, mostly because I found a place that develops them for £3 and don't take weeks like some places (sorry boots but +£10 to wait a week to get photos developed?!)

Christmas Eve walking through along the Taff on our way to watch StarWars

Magic tinsel in poundland

Christmas Day and my brother's christmas present to our granma.

Christmas dinner with the fam, while we were waiting for the nut roast/pie thing to finish cooking and had probably drank too much,

My parents decided against buying a real tree this year and put up the two tiny plastic ones that we used to decorate as kids in a display that my mum thought was 'Very Twin Peaks'

Boxing day walk on the beach 

Photos from the night I took my bestfriend on her first night out in town.
It was a pretty eventful night of two definitely not yet 18 year old boys tagging along, not being able to find a club that was open, watching a fight break out, helping a girl who'd been punched and left with a bloody nose during the fight, assuring the police that it wasn't her fault, finally reaching the club, getting quite a few free drinks, dancing on stage, getting the bar guy's number and debating politics with strangers in the smoker's area.

Terrible photo of my friends 'family portrait' in bath after seeing the Greyson Perry exhibition so I've stolen a few off my friend's camera roll

Courtesy of my friend also called Rosie

Kind of bad photos of my amazing faux fur coat

Random photos I took in Bristol trying to finish the roll


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