Thursday, 26 June 2014

Haley Blais is a genius and no one can convince me otherwise

So about a month or so ago I put out a list of things that I like and included was the incredibly talented Haley Blais, I was getting giddy as the music video for her song Virginia was coming out and while it's been uploaded to her youtube channel for a few weeks I've finally done a review type thing of the video which is basically me just looking at the pretty aesthetics and going on and on about the beautiful lyrics. 

The song itself is incredible and beautifully written and it touches on that unhappy relationship drama in a new fresh way that isn't some cringey white boy trying to rap about his 'bitch'. It's got a real nostalgic sense to it and Haley's voice is magical, that as one youtube comment mentioned 'is so angelic and captiating that you should have your own personal chubby naked cherubs holding back your hair at all times or something' and I agree with this statement on both a personal and spiritual level. 

While I love the song the music video is something else and there's so much beauty and symbolism and while I thought I had the story down after reading the youtube comments I realised that its totally open for interpretation. Which is something that I think good stories/films/ect should have, something in it that makes it special and unique for each viewer. My impression of the story is that the girl and the main guy were together, way back when, with the girl coming back to haunt him and the other occupants of the house, trying to reconnect with her lost and slightly creepy love. 

The style and visuals of the video are beautiful and the use of the royal blue in Haley's dress and the suitcase with her white hair and hat makes a truly gorgeous image that I definitely want to paint one day. There is a very distinct filming style that reminds me of Wes Anderson in its vintage aesthetic and precise camera movement. All of Haley's video's, both music video's and lookbooks, have a fantastic individual and creative style about them and I love her use of story telling in her video's.

All images from 'Virginia' Official Music Video from Haley Blais youtube account


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