Saturday, 28 June 2014

Blue jeans. New jeans.

If you've read this blog before you'll know my quest to find a pair of high waisted jeans, I thought I'd found 'my' pair when I bought a pair of 90's men's jeans from the charity shop but I got bored of the length and sliced them into a pair of very comfortable shorts that I plan to distress and shred in the future. That was my last try at finding a pair until yesterday when I went round the charity shops looking for vintage magazines to use in collages, I spotted a National Geographic in one a few weeks ago but after going to seven out of the eight charity shops we have in my teeny tiny town, even the weird smelling and completely unorganized one next to the chip shop that I never go in, and I couldn't find anything that I liked so I just went general charity shopping. 
I found a John Lennon T-shirt for my brother as his birthday is coming up and some record singles as every charity shop seemed to have new ones put out that day, I buy records even though I dont have a record player as one of my friends has one and we play them when we go round to her house. They're also a lot cheaper, like 25p, and they tend to have slightly cooler singles, I found Adam Ant's Prince Charming in a bargain bucket next to Max Boyce's Live lp, and while I love Boyce I'm not spending £1.50 on him.

Sorry Max

But my favourite purchase, and the first thing I got, was this gorgeous pair of 90's mom jeans. 

They are beautiful and I was so surprised I found them, in a shop I have a track record of finding nothing I like in apart from sewing patterns. It's stone wash denim in this beautiful blue and not only are they gorgeous but they fit really well, if a little loose, and after I put them on a hot wash I'll wear them in a bit with some good ol' butt exercises. 

Not only are they gorgeous but they're brand new too, the tages were the original GAP labels and were still attached which was kinda weird. This means the jeans were probably never worn which is sad because they are a beautiful pair of jeans but it does mean I have a 'new' new pair of jeans for the first time in about four years. 
It also backs up my argument for people who say charity shop clothes are dirty or smell bad just because they're second hand. Just think about all the times you try on clothes in a store and don't buy them afterwards, its not like they wash them before slinging them back on the rails, in fact its probably better at most charity shops as they tend to wash or steam clean the clothes before putting them out. Unlike a certain shop that I wont mention that had a shirt with a large foundation stain on the front that they left out on display. 
Any way I'm super excited for my new jeans, now I have so many more outfit possibilities, and I'm just waiting for the rain to let up so I can Photograph them somewhere outside of my gloomy bedroom.


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