Monday, 2 June 2014

Go for broke buy shopping exclusively second hand

So I'm preparing for the summer, not by getting my body beach ready, although I did do a wall sit while taking my makeup off which takes like five minutes minimum, no I am preparing for the next few months in which I will be completely broke.
With birthdays, meals out, camping, the summer ball and days away, including Reading I'm trying to regulate my spending so I'm not completely broke by July. 

But as retail therapy helps de-stress and motivate me, which is something I need desperately during this revision period, I've been getting my consumerist fixes by shopping secondhand almost exclusively. It's not too hard as I'm a born charity shopper and I live in a town that has a charity shop for almost every charity you can think of. 

I went to the local car boot sale this morning to get out of the house and it was a little bit rubbish overall, all the good regular stalls hadn't turned up and it must have been the first proper sale of the season because everyone was there and it got really busy but on the plus side everything was super cheap and I got some good stuff even if the fruit boys hadn't turned up.

A cute vintage postcard from California I think
A cute little stamp from the postcard
Seriously I may actually be a stamp collector
I'm collecting these photo's not only because they look
cute but so I can stitch through them as little art diys.
With the approaching summer comes jeans shorts
Rather than buy women's jeans that fit me and stuff I thought
I'd just buy some men's jeans and pretend they're meant for
This was more of a hair update, it's now butt level and has
developed a bit of a curl at the ends which doesn't usually
I do plan to take them in at some point, and I'm defiantly
ripping or shredding as they look too clean

And now for my favourite purchase today. A film camera! I've been wanting a film camera for ages and have been looking online but the prices are way expensive. I was even thinking of buying from the charity shop in town, they got in a load of old cameras as a donation and I was thinking of treating myself when this beauty waltz into my life. Or rather it sat in a bucket of old cameras my mum pointed to. I was distracted by the old 90's video camera for a second but then I spotted the camera wouldn't part with it.

I asked the guy manning the stall if it was working but he seemed a little clueless but nice and he only charged me 50p for it and gave me a free bag so it was a win win! 
I've spent my revision breaks researching the camera and my mum is a wiz at old cameras and we bought film and everything so I'll be set to take fancy artsy pictures!

Look at this beauty,  I still have to find a name for him.
Yes. It is a boy camera.
So that's it for my second hand haul, I guess that's what this is, and I'm kinda proud that I've managed to be a little cleverer with my money and consumerist ways.

 Now I have to go to sleep because I started this at 7 o'clock Sunday and finished it literally first thing Monday morning.


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