Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Dealing with results day nerves

Tomorrow is the day.
The dreaded day in which my Alevel results arrive and I've been doing everything in my power to ignore the nerves coiling up in my stomach. Since coming back from Scotland I've pushed myself into productive and creative pursuits. Yes the first day back I mostly spent with laptop time until I got a momentary burst of energy and decided I would learn to cook lentil curry, with lots of help from my mum, which ended with me making not only the curry but pilau rice and making spices to replenish our stock.

Yesterday I took a break from cooking and threw myself back into stenciling. 
Not literally.
That table is enough of a mess as it is.

After putting up some new stuff on my shop, such as new band patches and cute little love heart patches I decided I wanted to do something bigger and more time consuming to waste away the hours. 

This was the first big stencil I did, the beautiful Marina Diamandis who will always have a spot in my heart. It wasn't to difficult but I did struggle with the amount of black paint I was using, as you can probably see it thinned out a little. 
Original picture I recreated

These are a small collection of the ones I did today, little minimalist patches of marina and a larger patch of her fantastic eye makeup and her strong eyebrows. I also did a homage to Twin Peaks with a cute little Agent Cooper patch that has gone wandering and I'm in the process of cutting the stencil for a Pulp Fiction patch.

I'll hopefully post those patches later but for now I say good bye as my friend messaged me that Great British Bake Off is starting and the cat is sat on my arm making it difficult to type.


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