Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Rosie goes to Reading

So for the last five days I was having a total blast at Reading festival with my friends and after sleeping for a record ten hours last night (yes its a lot for me), washing away the grime under my nails and brushing out the singular massive deadlock that forms at the back of my hair, that took an hour of hard work and lots of conditioner, I'm now sat in bed with my cat and a sore throat, listening to the bands I saw and trying to avoid catching the post festival blues. 

We bought early bird tickets so we could chill and soak up the atmosphere a little and get good camping spots, because my friend has a long term illness we got to camp in the disabled campsite which was also on the same site as guest camping, which meant we were asked who's band we were with a lot. It was a pretty sweet campsite, it was a lot more chilled and less crowded than the rest of the site and we had proper toilets that were actually clean most of the time and the showers. God, the showers!

The only major problem we encountered was that the tent me and my friend were sharing kinda collapsed on the first night, it was already held up by duct tape and dreams but by the morning one of the poles had snapped completely and we had to do a desperate run to the local shop for a new one. We were saved by a lighting shop (?) who were selling second hand tents for a fiver and it was actually pretty fantastic. I wish I'd taken a picture of the first tent, the bulge at one side was hilarious.

God, the music was fantastic, we saw so many sets and they were all so worth it, I did get photos of most of the sets I saw on the disposable camera I bought but I haven't got them developed yet, as I didnt want to waste my phone's battery I didnt take a huge amount of photos but I had a couple. Some of my favourite sets were Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys (despite the fact that Alex Turner was completely out of it) Imagine Dragon's, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Clean Bandit and Drowners who were completely amazing, I took my friend who had never heard them before and she was in love with them by the time the first song had ended.

The Neighbourhood were so cool, the front man Jesse Rutherford was almost too cool and we were going crazy when they sang Afraid. Of course Sweater Weather was amazing and it was one of those amazing sets that everyone was on the same level vibes wise and just wanted to sing and have fun.

Feeling those Palma Violets Vibes, honestly they were amazing and I wish I could have been closer to the front but it was a pretty packed tent and we had a good view anyway.

And of course, I couldn't help wasting a bit of my battery by taking loads of shots of Drowners. They were just so good! Every song was on point and we were super close to the front, the picture really doesn't show it justice. Seriously I was so close to Matt Hitt's face I thought it was a dream and I know everyone always says this but he seriously looked at me during the set and my heart stopped for a second. I took some much better photos on the disposable camera, or at least I think I did, I wont know until its developed.

I'll hopefully get the pictures developed soon, I really want to have a look at them and put them up online and there are pictures of all of the sets I saw and some shots of us messing about including one of my friend in the tent on the last day when it was pouring down with rain and the tent was leaking.


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