Sunday, 17 August 2014

Exam results and the most creative weekend

My last post was kinda thrown together the night before results day and I know its not the best, it was late and I didnt proof read it, so I've come together with a much more interesting post for you. 
Results day was fairly stress inducing, I was so worried I decided to dress in 'earth mother' clothing to feel closer to nature as though it would help my grades. In the end I didnt need the help of mother earth, although if she had a part in it I'm totes grateful, I passed everything, A in drama, B in textiles and fine art and a pass for Welsh Bacc. Technically I got an A for Welsh Bacc as its not graded for our year, so I like to say I got ABBA for my results. 
After picking up my results I went to a friends house and reminisced about school and how glad we were to be leaving, then watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, a fan favourite between us, and ate too much food. We also found a little easter egg in the credits of the film, at the end upbeat fiddle music begins to play and a small animated eastern European man begins to dance at the side of the screen. This is both adorable and caused us to discuss how weird it would be for an animator to spend so long animating the little guy only for it to go in the credits. I was planning to go out to town with the rest of the year, there was a foam party in one of the clubs, but I was way too tired and sort of emotionally drained and my friend had just gotten back from Thailand so we went for a trip to the cinema watched Guardians of the Galaxy, which was awesome and involved us eating 'cheese' cheese nachos.

Since school has 'officially' finished and I never have to go back to the stress of sixth form, I only had the excitement of Reading to look forward to. Or so I thought. 
In fact I spent the last weekend doing a really large amount of arty things, more than I have in ages actually. 
On Friday, the day after results I did some more stenciling, collected all the patches I'd made and added them to my shop. These are slightly less intense than the stencils I posted before as it takes to long to paint them and requires a lot more paint. 
Magical Unicorn Fabric Patch
Available here
Kitsch 'Oh Boy!' Fabric Patch
Available here
Then yesterday I made some more stencils for band patches, with a larger variety of bands in the hopes that someone will buy them. 
Includes HAIM, MGMT, The Strokes, The Neighborhood and a not shown Drowners stencil. 

Photo: Puck tone of stencils for new band patches
Darn The Neighborhood for having such a
complicated but aesthetically pleasing logo

After an oddly Amish lunch/dinner in which my family + Grandma helped make the food and a huge amount of apple and something else chutney, I got my second crafting wind and decided to stitch some of the patches to the denim jacket I plan to take to Reading. 

I chose my biggest Marina patch as it jazzes up the back of the jacket a bit, and stitched the Drowners logo onto the pocket flap thing because I'm defiantly going to see their set, I've warned my friends that I will happily drag them to see Drowners as I know they will like them.

The Jacket itself was from Sheinside and is super cool, its really baggy and indie and came with a little sweatshirt vest thing that keeps it warm when the sun goes down. I've decided on packing light, since I brought way too much to Scotland, so other than my rain mac, this is the only jacket I'm taking as its really comfortable and I can wear it throughout the whole week or stuff it in my bag no biggie. 

After the mess I made over the last few days with stenciling, I stopped today and slowly tidied up my room while watching Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, which is drawing me completely into the surreal saturated fantasy land. Because the artist's muse was still beating about in my brain I decided to try my hand at tie-dying, using this tutorial from RookieMag

tie-dye fun today

Mine went a little off as I didnt do the folds regularly enough and it has a weird almost pit stain thing on the shoulder, I may die the sleeves tomorrow, but I still like it. 
I also finished making a proper, well fitting flower crown for Reading because hell yeah we're gonna wear them. 

To top all of this arty-ness off I finally got round to filling in my journal but there's a little too many pictures so I'm going to do a separate post at a later date.


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