Friday, 1 August 2014

Lonely Art

My tastes in art change a lot over time, I go from liking classic renaissance paintings to only wanting to look and try and understand abstract art. My colour pallet changes and some pieces that I loved a few days ago leave a sour taste in my mouth.
Recently my tastes have changed, a few weeks ago I posted about loud in your face images and aesthetics x and now, after looking through some of the re-blogged art works on my tumblr, I can see whats different. 

I'm into quieter art, it's not so loud or aggressive, it works with subtleties and grace and I feel I'm thinking about the works in a different way. I'm not sure what it is or how to describe it properly but it feels like with the loud aggressive art I'm questioning, asking and thinking outwards towards the world, letting out my frustrations. With this style of art I'm feel as though I'm looking inwards, at myself and at other people, I feel as though I'm trying to answer questions rather than ask them.

Lindsay Bottos ~ The Morning After (2013)


pew pew pew pew
By Cry baby
If I'm being honest, I think everything I've been liking feels fairly lonely. Not exactly sad. Just lonely. And I think looking at art about lonely people or by lonely people makes me feel a little less lonely, because I know there are other people just as lonely and maybe just as sad. 

From Tumblr but I couldn't find a source

Two women gaze at heavy surf while lying on boulders on the coast of Nova Scotia, December 1961.Photograph by Volkmar Wentzel, National Geographic
By Volkmar Wentzel for 1961 National Geographic
no | via Tumblr
From We Heart It but I genuinely cant find a source
Flickr: Galeria de J. Jingle Jangle
By Tuane Eggers
poolside reading paisleynotplaid
From Paisly not Plaid
So sorry if this has been a little sadder than normal posts, I'm just feeling a little alone right now.


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