Thursday, 31 July 2014

I finally updated my shop

So you probably didnt realise I had a shop and I would forgive you for not knowing as I haven't mentioned it or really paid it any attention in the last few months. 
I started my shop nearly over a year ago on Etsy and I was really super into it and used to get so excited when I'd get someone liking my shop or an item. Then school and other pressure took over and I kind of lost interest, I'd make sure there was always some products up there but I never made anything new. 

This all changed last week when I did the stenciling I mentioned in a previous post and I was over come with the need to do more stenciling so I went on tumblr, got some inspiration and made a huge amount of stencils to paint with, found some clean plain fabric and started a mini production line. 
A mini production line of just me actually.

I made a huge amount of patches for the shop and these are just the ones I've photographed and put online. The patches above were cute 60s/70s Roswell vibe alien head patches that I really like. I'm thinking of doing these in lots of different colours as they're small and fun to make as the stencil is so simple. The patches below are Arctic Monkeys patches that were less fun to make as cutting out all of the individual letters can be irritating as the paper weakens and can break. I do like making the band patches though, I'm thinking of taking requests.

These two last ones are really tumblr inspired, the one on the right is inspired by the whole websites love and belief in mermaids, quite rightly too. The second is a sassy little banner patch which links to another item in my shop, a 'no' hair slide, which made me laugh when I thought of it. 

If you want to see the shop, or buy any of the items and make me really happy, the link is here and I have a link below my archive that I really wish I could re position but as I really cant work out html I had to get my brother to do it and even he struggled with it.


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