Wednesday, 2 July 2014

DIY 90's halterneck tutorial

As I'm leaving for London in a few days I want to get as many posts up as I can as I wont have my laptop with me and unless I use my phone I wont be posting until Friday or Saturday when I come back home. I'm gonna try and do a post a day but I am me so it might not happen.
Today I thought I'd do a DIY, I used to do DIY Mondays and may bring it back when I have time to make a schedule and as the 90's are so big right now I thought I'd do a tutorial on a halterneck top. 
While halternecks have been around for ever, think back to the weird t shirt halternecks that were around in the mid 00's, during the 90's they had a special cropped style with a high neck and brought in a summery playful style.

I started with an old skirt of my mum's, it's pretty ugly when worn but the pattern is really pretty and with the beading really fits in with that hippie 90's vibe. 

I chopped off the ruffly skirt bit and the waist band to make a square of fabric, this is the bit where you have to judge for yourself how much you'll need, I just held it up to my chest and estimated. It's always better to add a bit more onto what you think you'll need as the top can become pretty revealing if you take away too much material.

Then I pinned the square to my manikin, you can always pin it to a t shirt you're wearing if you don't have a manikin, I pinned it to my bra to check it would fit me. Then I cut a line from under arm to the neck on one side of the square, this is when a trying it on your self really helps. 

Then I took it off the manikin and folded it in half so I could cut the other side correctly, measuring the neck and the bottom should help with this step.

As the skirt I used had binding on the waist band and the material frays a little, I took off the binding and stitched it onto the line from the armhole to the neck. It just made the edges of the top a little more defined but skip this step if you feel you don't need to.

Then I folded the bit at the neckline over to make a tunnel so I could create a drawstring neckline, if you don't want that, just hem the top.

This is where I threaded the leather cord I used for straps through and tied at the back of the head. And while I didn't photograph this step, I stitched leather cord to the side of the top so I can tie it properly when I wear it and not end up with it falling it down when I wear it. I also suggest you hem the bottom as well, I didn't until after I took the photos which means it looks a little un finished but I promise it looks good in real life.

After finishing the project I suggest pairing it with a pair of short shorts, letting your hair grow free and wild and jamming out to groovy beats. If you do need any help after getting confused by my admittedly rubbish instructions, (I'm not feeling great today) just ask and I'll happily try to explain in a slightly better way.



  1. this is so rad! i love halter necks, and this one is so cute!

    1. thanks! i love me a good halterneck too and i thought this would be a fun diy