Friday, 25 July 2014

Hair dyeing and struggling through the heat

I'm not sure how it happened exactly but Wales is going through a completely horrible heatwave at the moment, it reached  29▫, which is about 85 in Fahrenheit (look at me, sounding like I didnt just have to Google it) I know it doesn't sound that hot but Wales never has to deal with intense heat so there's no Air Conditioning or copious amounts of ice to help us. We just have to sweat away in our own misery. 
While that's a pleasant mental image the heat also means I cant go for walks along the beach or down to the shops without feeling like I've taken a stroll through the Sahara and looking like I've run a marathon I'm so red and sweaty, so instead I've had to find new ways to entertain myself. 

Last year I made a couple of promises of things I would do for myself in the future and while I never put a date stamp on it, because that only ends with the cold feeling of failure when you dont get it done in time, there was something I wanted to get done after I left school. Because of the stupidly strict rules at my school, unnatural hair colour was not allowed and a lot of people I knew were taken out of lessons for having dyed hair, because that was so beneficial for their education. So last summer, when dip dye and ombre were huge, I thought it would be cool to add some colour into my hair at an opportunity when I wouldn't have teachers breathing down my neck about it.

Yesterday my mum was bleaching part of my brother's hair so he could dye it blue and as she had some left over she put some on the two end inches of my hair, blending in with the grown out, slightly faded highlights I got years ago, to make an ombre style. I plan to dye it an actual colour, like a light blue or pink or purple, in the near future, probably before I leave for Edinburgh so I can have coloured hair for the Fringe, and maybe a different colour for the fringe.

My hair pre-bleach. It usually looks quite dark but in reality
its a lot lighter, more of an auburn colour.
My brother looking happy while his
hair went blonde.
My brother's hair was white blonde
as a child but it got darker as he got
older. The bleach made his so much
lighter because of it.

What it looked like post bleaching,
It was a lot thicker than mine which is a
little more evenly done.
I think he looks like an evil genius
here, with the bleached stripe in one
part of his hair.
I dont have a huge amount of photos of myself as it was
too hot to try for selfies. I also had to change into my worst
clothes which happened to be a fringed tshirt from the
charity shop. 
I cant wait until I get some colour onto it, while I like the ombred look, I really want colourfull mermaid hair and its not permanent dye so after a few washes it'll be back to this colour. 
Which means there's a whole rainbow of colours to try after that!

It does make me consider bleaching the whole thing, it would be crazy expensive and damaging to my hair, the bleached ends are already so bad, but then I think it's just hair. 
I'll have to think about.


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