Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Duvet day

This week at art school is animation, not something I'm really interesting but I can totally appreciate it... if it weren't sitting in silence drawing shoes all day. Yeah, yesterday we drew shoes in black and white all day and I was so bored I put almost no thought into them and just tried to finish them as fast as possible. I was feeling pretty crap so I took today off as a duvet day, well I was supposed to catch up on some work for the general assessment coming up but I spent most of it watching Sofia Coppola films and writing a letter to my pen pal, I did finish 4 pages of un-needed work in my school journal but it just highlights the blank pages in my book I still need to finish. The worst are my Visual and Contextual pages that I tend to do the background for and then put off the writing for a few weeks, I even surprised myself  by starting to write one this morning.

I was trying to find a picture this morning for some artist research and ended up looking through all the pictures I've saved on my laptop with halfhearted plans of doing something with them. There's no definite theme throughout but I hope you can appreciate the cold winter-y vibe to them.


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