Saturday, 29 November 2014

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some don't have film. - Stephen Wright

I finally found a store that would develop colour film with a quicker turn around than the week long wait with Boots, and when they finally came back they were kinda crappy prints. I got the cheapest option, which was a 24hr turnover but they can get them done in half an hour! Which is cool as my friend told me about the photography marathon and I was thinking how you could shoot a roll, run to the store to get them developed and carry on shooting all day.

But here are some of the photos I took on my art foundation's trip to London, which was fb and I'll have some better photos up soon, but I thought would be appropriate as christmas is starting and they all have a christmassy feel to them.

A couple walked past just as I took the shot and it was the last one on the reel but I must have thought I had another and did an accidental double exposure but here was the Thames on a very windy day.

Covent Garden looking very christmassy, we spent most of the time looking round the little market places and crying in the Fred Perry store because everything was so expensive.

When we accidentally visited Marble Arch while trying to find Oxford Street, it was a little weird but we ended up getting a bus there, although we had a great time looking over London from the bus.

A slightly over exposed image of the Science Museum

The Japanese exhibit in the V&A, I sort of forgot that when I'm not on digital, colour correction goes out the window. Also I just realized you can see the outline of my weird legs/stance in the reflection of the glass

Sculptures in the V&A

As I post this I'll be out with my friend taking more photos down the pier so I should have even more photos to put up.


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