Sunday, 2 November 2014

Oh man she always ready to take that love and finally shoot

Title from my favourite Palma Violets song

I was wearing my Winnie the Pooh Dungarees the other day and got thinking about my other yellow ones and started a little blue and yellow post

Dungarees - Vintage Fair ~ Jumper - Charity Shop ~ Earrings - Birthday Present ~ Tights - Primark

Photo of the trees in my garden

I tried searching for a source but I'm pretty sure it was from tumblr
Meadham Kirchhoff by Rookiemag

Zine Tutorial by Rookiemag

 These were from the Polaroid 20x24 the biggest Polaroid camera still working that takes hella big photos.

Aged OOTD: Dungarees ~ Rokit Vintage - White Tee ~ Craft Shop

Credit to So It Goes and


P.S, I also bought my new laptop today, after my old one crashed three times in a row and had about thirty minutes charge constantly I decided I needed a new one, this one's a lot smaller and lighter so I can do stuff like take it to uni and out and about which is cool!

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