Monday, 24 November 2014

It's my birthday and I'll drink heavily and dance by myself to 70's disco if I want to

 Well we made it this far. 
Well I did. I didn't have this blog when I first turned 18 but who cares because I'm now an 19 year old person. It's kind of weird because being 19 is literally no different than being 18, I just now can feel the ever growing dread of turning 20 and having to be a real actual adult. 

So it's my birthday, other than a frozen run to catch the train to uni and frosty countryside roads to look over my birthday morning was sort of uninteresting, but then my uni friends surprised me with cards and little gifts for me, Ffion even bought me breakfast as I had no money at that point. 

In uni it's the first week of our specialist choices and I'm in fine art for the week, we're doing a project called 'broken' and it involves making the studio space our own and breaking down five personal objects that I will talk about when its finished. It's nice but a bit weird being in the specialist choice, I'm not with anyone I really know, F club 7 are apart! (yes you heard it F club 7) so I feel a little on my own, of course everyone has been really nice so far. It's almost nice and defiantly productive, I'm getting a lot more work done than when I stopped every few minutes for a chat, and its good for your emotional health to make new friends I feel.

Good bit of wisdom for you. Please feel free to subscribe to the Rosie School of Emotional Well Being, collect your free bottle of cider at the door. 

After uni I headed to Cardiff to get my photo's developed, I finally found a place that will develop colour film whoop. (High fives self for something not that impressive) Yeah! Then after a bit of Christmas shopping which involved humming along to music in the queue at topshop and shielding my eyes in the way too bright lego shop, I got together with my family and we had a Chinese together which was nice and tasty. I'll post photo's of gifts at a later date hopefully as I only have instagram sized ones and not all of my presents have arrived yet, also I went to London for three days last week with uni and have lots of pictures to show ans I want to start showing some of my uni journal pages but its finding the time to scan them. 

Sorry for the disjointed (what a 19 yr old thing of me to say) post, in return here's a picture of me going through an existential crisis about turning 19


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